Dec. 5th, 2009 12:56 pm
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Have we ever seen Kory bleed? I figure we probably have, but I can't think of when or how. Is it red?

I want these answers to be no, but I'll accept a yes. I just need to know.

Ignore me

Dec. 5th, 2009 11:10 am
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*freaks out*


I swear, when this fic is done, I am going to print a copy out just so I can tear it up, jump up and down on the pieces, and then set the bits on fire.
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[livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan wrote me a belated birthday fic! It made me so happy! You should go read it and be made happy, too! It has Ghost!Jason.

Of Ghosts and Hazings

Oh, Ghost!Jason... I wish I knew where to find scans of that Batman Black and White story where he moves the tea things and watches Alfred from the curtains! Where to find them quickly, I mean. I'm pretty sure the trade is in my car, but driving to mom's to scan them would be kind of a waste because -


I got sick this weekend, presumably having caught something from one of the little cousins. I was chugging along fine until I woke up Monday and couldn't pick my damned head up. I didn't miss any work, but only because my workload is fairly light on weekdays, though I sort of maybe missed a shift at the O's but they didn't ever call to schedule one. T's mom has sent me home way early every day this week, which has been wonderful. For the last three days, that's meant sleeping A LOT. Today, though, it meant library time, because I still have a few thousand words or so left on my Big Bang.

The title (Close to Home) is taking on a whole new meaning to me all of a sudden. SO CLOSE OMG. I can taste you, ending. The climax is done, I'm just writing a bit of wrap up now. Most of it's pretty much fully edited. I need to format it all, though, which is going to be a pain, so I'm planning to dedicate all day Saturday to final edits and formatting, and then Sunday morning when I get off my overnight shift, I'll be posting. Probably I ought to figure out a way not to spam my flist with it, as there will be 13 chapters plus pictures. PICTURES! Because [livejournal.com profile] sammage_art is the BEST!

I can't even tell you how much I owe [livejournal.com profile] faile_neume and [livejournal.com profile] kirax2 at this point, for everything from punctuation help to holding my metaphorical hand through fic induced breakdown. ^_^;
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On Thursday, people started showing up. My Granny, two aunts, an uncle, and a little cousin (the little cousins are mostly second cousins, some thirds, and they range in age from 3 to 9. There are a lot of them and they usually run in packs. Last time they were here they managed to rip down a ceiling fan and none of them will tells us exactly *how*). The sibs and their SOs came by. Mom made crawfish au gratin.

On Friday morning, little cousin #1 and I made cookies until her mother and future stepfather showed up with the other two little cousins of that genus (twins), and we all hung out and it was lovely. One of the Aunts got sick and left for most of the day. And then the horde descended. Let's see if I can count them all...

Granny, two uncles, three aunts, six cousins (including SOs), and seven wee cousins, plus me, mom, dad, and two siblings each with their respective SO, and the OFFICIALLY ADOPTEDS, though they didn't bring their daughter or her BFF who usually comes to everything. So 28. We were expecting two more from the Adopteds, and had originally planned for two more cousins and another little cousin, so we made off pretty well, all around. One of the cousins made steaks. My spinach dip MAGICALLY VANISHED in like three minutes. The Adopteds brought TWO Adoption Pies.

Some of them left and went to hotels for the night. Some of them stayed. I WENT HOME.

Saturday was the big event. Everyone went to the LSU/Arkansas game. I have relatives who went to both schools. Things get...heated. Not caring about football, I stayed here with the old folks and tiniest little cousins, and wrote my little heart out. And then there was an aftergame party, and then I wrote my little heart out some more, until about 5am.

Today, I woke up in time to run the hug gauntlet and say goodbye to everyone, helped mom clean up, helped mom get the xmas stuff down from the attic, and then did some editing.

Obviously I was wrong about wrapping this up in 58k. I've run out of room for the overflow, and I can't figure out how to left-align the bar so that I have more room.
60178 / 25000
I dare not make future predictions for fear of proving myself wrong again. But I'm through with the action, and now there's just a bit of wrap-up and sequel-teaser. My posting date is next Sunday. Brace yourselves. I plan to sleep a lot, and then write lots of tiny fic. And yes, Gloria, there will be Jason in some of it.
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So close. So close. Almooooost finiiiished...

Close to Home
56573 / 25000

Oh look, I ran out of screen.

If everyone was going to stare, anyway, they might as well give them a show. Kon bent Tim back over his arm, making the kiss deep and wet and as filthy as he could make it. He licked across Tim's mouth, showy and sloppy as something out of a porno flick, licked his teeth and his tongue. He pressed their bodies tight and just went for it, kissing Tim like they were fucking right there on the dance floor, open-mouthed and panting. And Tim gave back as good as he got, biting Kon's lips, sucking his tongue, deep and hard - moaning, one hand cupping the curve of Kon's skull, the other sliding down to grip his ass and pull their hips together.

At least I got to the makeouts.

I've been editing in between writing bits, so half of the story is actually already about ready for the web. This knowledge is helping me not freak out quite so much.
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I wanted to finish this tonight so badly. Ugh ugh ugh why am I sick all of a sudden. [personal profile] faile_neume thinks it's nerves, because I'm all upset about the fic. I don't know. Don't be the flu, please. I can't afford to miss work. Ugh ugh ugh.

52000 / 25000

Oh, look at that, it's a NaNo. And then some.

I'm gonna bet 58k including the epilogue. Any takers?

So tempted to just quote the last line of the current document, which just says "Rocks fall, everyone dies."

He wasn't sure what to expect, really. Tim liked making up his little characters, and they tended to be a lot more...outgoing...than Tim himself, as if Tim felt more free in costume than he did out of it. All Kon had given him was 'Tim from Gotham.' That could be anything from a quiet, geeky boy from the suburbs to Mr. Freaking Sarcastic - though Kon was really kind of hoping against the latter.

Oh, God. That's why he'd agreed so readily - why he'd been in such a good mood on the phone. He was going to embarrass the hell out of Kon, wasn't he? People were going to be talking about his wack-job boyfriend for *weeks*. Kon parked down the street from the diner and pulled out his phone again. Tim still wasn't answering, so Kon wiped his sweaty palms on the seat and then climbed out of the truck.
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Not the actual day. The story day.


The best thing I've written over the last few days is too spoilery to share, so you get a short little bite instead. A little bite I expect broad and gleeful agreement with.  But I will tell you that the spoilery passage? Involves tongue.

Close To Home
41542 / 25000
(yes, you're reading that right. GODDAMNIT DAY JUST END!)

Martha snorted. "You're just like Clark, letting that whole bunch run roughshod over you. Alfred needs to take each and every one one of those boys over his knee, the way they've been acting."

I think I can wrap the day up in another 100-200 words but it's time for work, now.

ETA: It took 240 more words. But Wednesday is finished. It's now right behind the previous Wednesday as the two longest days. The moral of this story - never write another fic with two Wednesdays in it.

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Uuuurrrgh I feel like a zombie. A zombie who's not keeping her deadlines.

I have something to say about my reliance on caffeine to get this thing finished. When you realize you are spooning instant cappuchino mix into a cup of regular coffee, that's when you know you've got a problem. I'll be going cold turkey for a while when I finish this.

That said, I'm not actually missing much sleep over this. Yet.

Close To Home
38629 / 25000

It's getting a lot harder to find bits of this that don't give anything major away. Here, have some unidentified trauma!

Shit. Shit. Kon shut his eyes tight and shoved through the doors, out into the spring air, cool after the heat of the crowded gym. There was only one cop in the breezeway, and Kon was, of course, faster. He got around the side of the building, out of sight, and took off so fast he felt the air break against him like a wave. 

Touch and go, he'd said. Intensive care. *Hasn't woken up*. Kon was going to be sick. 

It was all his fault. 

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Hey, everybody, look how I spent my Halloween?

Close To Home
35349 / 25000

God, that's fucking beautiful. I think I may cry!


Twenty minutes later, he was pacing the floor of Alvin Draper's apartment. Tim sat crosslegged on the couch, his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers steepled over his mouth like a supervillain's. "Dude," he said, as he paced, "you can't laugh."

"I'm not sure I can promise that," Tim said, with a strong overtone of amusement.

Kon whirled around and pointed a finger at him, "No, dude! You can't laugh. For real!"

Tim smiled just a little with the corner of his mouth. It was the face he usually made when he thought Kon was being an idiot, but he didn't mind much. Kon couldn't look at him. He turned and stared out the tiny, grimy window at the brick wall of the next building over. "I need you to be my boyfriend," Kon said quickly, and then bit his lip.

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I can't really be the only person on the whole internet who drank bagged milk in the school cafeteria, can I?

Not bagged milk like in Canada - bag milk like this:

ETA:  *SIGH* I guess Kon drinks his milk out of a carton then!

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I need to know more words for describing heartbeats.

I overestimated my wordcount yesterday. Apparently I don't write as small as I used to, or maybe the lines are wider on this paper or something. I'm usually pretty consistant at an average of 250 words per page, hand-written on college rule.

That said...
Close to Home
29844 / 25000

The three people with file access on googledocs can now read what happened Monday. For the rest of you, here, have a taste:

Superman was stronger. He was faster and he was more experienced and he had cold-breath and microscopic vision, but Kon wasn't just an imperfect copy. When they'd made him, they'd made him different. There were things he could do that Superman never could.

I think that may clear me to work on Kings Among Runaways this afternoon. Everybody looking forward to watching Dick and Jason try to knock each other out of a tree?
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I'm home from work early, on account of tornadoes.

Hopefully fic will result.

ETA: Okay, I think I'm safe. LIBRARY HO!

ETA 2: Library was closed on account of tornadoes, so I went to CC's. You want to know the priorities of the people in your hometown, count how many are sitting around outside the coffee shop watching the rain ten minutes after the tornado warning ends.

Can't say for sure because it's longhand, but I think I got around 3,000 words done. DAY 7 OF 12 COMPLETE!

Kon may have done more sexy farm chores. With a small earthquake. Clark was impressed.

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Oh god so tired but so productive.


Close to Home
26199 / 25000

*passes out*
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I said there'd be more Kings Among Runaways (Partner's verse) tonight, but I apparently lied, because the library's closing. It's done, just needs some editing before I can post it tomorrow.

And I know I haven't mentioned my progress in a while, but I am still working on my Big Bang. In fact...

23159 / 25000
Close to Home

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Not much to say, but I'm trying to keep track of my wpd, so....

18136 / 25000
Close to Home

Oh God, that's so beautiful. Even if I am still on Day 4.

Here, have a sample:

Bart could draw really, really well - and really fast, of course - and Tim could pop out these mathematically precise diagrams and schematics and things in no time, and draw people from descriptions, and even Cassie drew these cute little cartoon things sometimes when she was bored in meetings. All his friends could draw, and they all liked to draw, and until he'd seen what his fellow high school art students had to offer, he'd kind of been wondering about the missing programming thing again, or if his giant freaky hands were just too huge and clumsy to actually make anything but bruises.
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[livejournal.com profile] scifibigbang is making a call for artists. The goal is to get all the fics (which will be posted in December) illustrated, and right now about 30 stories, including mine and [livejournal.com profile] aravistarkheena's, haven't been claimed.

If I finish Close to Home (my big bang) when I hope to finish it, then I'll probably be illustrating my own fic, but I'd be thrilled if someone were to claim me - or Bek, for that matter, whose fic sounds very interesting (and if I really, really finish early, I might draw for hers, too).

List of Claims Here

If anyone IS interested in drawing for me, let me know and I'll be as exhaustively descriptive as you could possibly want!

You know, it occurs to me, I don't think I've actually stated here, in more than vague terms, what my big bang claim was, so now's as good a time as any:

Title: Close to Home
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing/Characters: Kon-el, Tim Drake, cast of thousandsabout a dozen
Summary: A murder mystery at Smallville High drives Kon to brush up on his detective work - and his undercover skills. Good thing his best friend is kind of an expert at this stuff.

(There will be boys in tuxes on motorcycles, Kon picking vegetables in minimal clothing, school dance make-outs, and lots of other highly illustrate-able scenes! You want to draw for me! You really do!)
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Close To Home
14,275 / 25,000

Still on Day 3, though.
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Possibly I am an enormous dork. Possibly. cut for big-ass picture )

I was failing at giving Kon random farm chores, so I made the Kents an actual truck patch. It's helping me IMMENSELY. Also, it wasn't color coded until T decided we were going to color yesterday afternoon, and it was either this or princesses.


Sep. 21st, 2009 07:33 pm
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Do you know what I just realized? Do you?

Close To Home
12,625 / 25,000


This calls for a celebration! I'm not sure what kind exactly, though.

*I am halfway through my minimum word requirement. I am not, however, halfway through the story. I'm on day three out of twelve - and though I only have one scene left to write for day three, it introduces a major character. Yes, Justine, by that I do mean Compost Boy.


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