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Time for a graphics roundup! Free to good homes.

Connor pairing icons for Connor Hawke Week

New Wallpapers:

Connor Week

May. 8th, 2010 08:03 pm
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[ profile] saphire_dance has declared Connor Hawke Week, and I very much approve.

This is how much I approve. Have a wallpaper!

Icons to come later. I might try for another wallpaper or two, as well.
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Macie's home from the hospital finally, but not having a happy time of it. She's in one of those awful cone collars and she hates it, and mom told me she's had a horrible time keeping her still. She's been absolutely terrified ever since she work up, and refuses to calm down. When dad got home, he managed to get her into her kennel (usually, she goes on command, but she seemed to sense something was up) and now she's shut up in there for the night.

I can't see her, because she's too excitable when they get visitors. She's got to stay in that damned kennel for two months. She's only supposed to be allowed out four times a day for ten minute potty breaks.

Anyway, to distract myself, I spent the afternoon and most of tonight making backgrounds.  The ones I'm sharing here are all from DC comics - mostly Adventure and the Batman: Masterpieces collection, but most of them have had considerable editing done to them above and beyond cropping them into shape (except for Krypto and The Bat), so I'd appreciate it if they didn't get reposted anywhere. That said, feel free to take what you like for your own use.

These are all 768x1366.

From Adventure Comics #3

From Batman Masterpieces

From Robin Annual #6
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[personal profile] faile_neume  gave me a prompt (Fluffy Tim/Bernard, stolen clothes) the other day for a drabble. I failed to write it. Instead, I did this:

I hate his hair, but I'm very happy with his Hero Pose. God I suck at CG hair. I really should have done that part on paper.

Also, I think I' m the only person in the world who likes this version of the Robin suit best. The costume inconsistencies (of which there are several) come from me not having my comics with me while I was drawing.


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