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We were supposed to be doing a haunted house in our apartment tomorrow, but M unilaterally declared it canceled, a few hours ago (after I'd already spent a good bit of time working on biological and radioactive hazard signs, but thankfully I said something to her about it *before* I went and bought the dry ice)

So, no awesome mad-science themed haunted house.

I think I am going to say fuck them and set up a little table outside our door, and do wacky home mad science for the kiddies. Who wants glow in the dark slime? Because I've got enough ingredients to make a few buckets full.

It also doesn't help that there's a Halloween party tonight that I haven't been invited to. There is a possibility I was meant to be invited but P and M are just total flakes and never actually passed on the message. Considering the party is at some time tonight, and neither of them has told me what time the party is, I can only assume I'm not going. I don't think I want to, at this point. If they don't want me there, then fuck them all sideways anyway. B would want me there, but she's sick, so she won't be there either. I might go bring her soup or something instead, but frankly, I just want to rp a disturbing encounter with family-man-Bruce and finish the thread with the-jason-who-has-a-bar and maybe try and finish the shawl I'm making for my sister.

Oh. I should probably say something here. I made a new character, in [ profile] dcu6wordstories . His name is [ profile] king_jay . He's standing on a street corner over here.
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Fuck yeah I am awesome. I am so rad, I glow in the dark. Literally.

You can't really tell well from the picture... hopefully I will get some proper ones on Halloween itself (though I will have a different suit then) - but I am glowing in half a dozen places, my face is melted, I am covered in slime, and my suit says RADI-TEC WASTE REMOVAL (and the back is a huge radioactive warning symbol). Also, all my goop was black light reactive.

Anyway, I took 2nd place at our apartment complex's Halloween party, tonight (a wee bit bitter since the person who won 1st was dressed as a witch), and M got third for her "pirate booty", so between the two of us, we got $175 knocked off our rent for the month.

The suit is just painted coveralls, expertly modified with sharpie (everyone thought I'd bought it as was), and I was wearing clean booties, black rubber gloves, the melted face mask and respirator, and a ton of slime and paint. The slime was made out of borax and glue. There were glowsticks secreted all over my person.

It was motherfucking awesome.

But the coolest thing? My downstairs neighbor told me that for Halloween? He has an actual hazmat suit, and I am free to do whatever I like to it.
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 I always plug my name into these when I see them on my flist but I never post them. This one, though, I had to share: 

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I set [ profile] thete1 's puppy on fire (-66 points). Last Friday I bought porn for [ profile] shiny_glor_chan (-10 points). Last Tuesday I punched [ profile] fictionalknight in the arm (-10 points). Last Wednesday [ profile] zenithjolt and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last week I helped [ profile] darthbatgirl see the light (8 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-128 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

I'm pretty sure they did their math wrong or something, as buying porn for Gloria should have gotten me a bazillion points. I submit this compromise: Superman has to come over and give my lump of coal the Super Treatment (the end result of which is my icon).
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On Thursday, people started showing up. My Granny, two aunts, an uncle, and a little cousin (the little cousins are mostly second cousins, some thirds, and they range in age from 3 to 9. There are a lot of them and they usually run in packs. Last time they were here they managed to rip down a ceiling fan and none of them will tells us exactly *how*). The sibs and their SOs came by. Mom made crawfish au gratin.

On Friday morning, little cousin #1 and I made cookies until her mother and future stepfather showed up with the other two little cousins of that genus (twins), and we all hung out and it was lovely. One of the Aunts got sick and left for most of the day. And then the horde descended. Let's see if I can count them all...

Granny, two uncles, three aunts, six cousins (including SOs), and seven wee cousins, plus me, mom, dad, and two siblings each with their respective SO, and the OFFICIALLY ADOPTEDS, though they didn't bring their daughter or her BFF who usually comes to everything. So 28. We were expecting two more from the Adopteds, and had originally planned for two more cousins and another little cousin, so we made off pretty well, all around. One of the cousins made steaks. My spinach dip MAGICALLY VANISHED in like three minutes. The Adopteds brought TWO Adoption Pies.

Some of them left and went to hotels for the night. Some of them stayed. I WENT HOME.

Saturday was the big event. Everyone went to the LSU/Arkansas game. I have relatives who went to both schools. Things get...heated. Not caring about football, I stayed here with the old folks and tiniest little cousins, and wrote my little heart out. And then there was an aftergame party, and then I wrote my little heart out some more, until about 5am.

Today, I woke up in time to run the hug gauntlet and say goodbye to everyone, helped mom clean up, helped mom get the xmas stuff down from the attic, and then did some editing.

Obviously I was wrong about wrapping this up in 58k. I've run out of room for the overflow, and I can't figure out how to left-align the bar so that I have more room.
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I dare not make future predictions for fear of proving myself wrong again. But I'm through with the action, and now there's just a bit of wrap-up and sequel-teaser. My posting date is next Sunday. Brace yourselves. I plan to sleep a lot, and then write lots of tiny fic. And yes, Gloria, there will be Jason in some of it.
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I'm waiting on food now, so I'm taking a moment to update with holiday type things. I'm at my folk's place, with my immediate family plus Granny, two aunts, an uncle, and a second cousin. The rest of the horde descends tomorrow and Saturday, because the big event in this family isn't on Thursday and doesn't have anything to do with turkey or pilgrims. It's all about the LSU/Arkansas football game on Saturday. ^_^;

Mom made ettouffee for tonight. Tomorrow is steaks and Saturday is jambalaya. I GAVE MOM A TURKEY (work gave me one) and I'm pretty sure she smoked it, but it's not getting to be the center of a meal or anything. Probably it will be sandwiches. There will be 30 people here by Saturday - we will need lots of sandwiches.

Last night/this morning, I made sweet potato butter. It's delicious, and it was soooo easy.

    • 4 cups peeled sweet potatoes, chunked up small
    • 2 cups chopped, peeled apple (I used braeburn and they were deliiiiciouuus)
    • 3/4 cup brown sugar
    • 1 tsp. cinnamon or to taste
    • 1/4 tsp. nutmeg, optional
    • 1/4 tsp. allspice
    • 3/4 cup water

I just dumped it all in the slow cooker on low overnight and blended it up with the mixer, and it's very, very good. It came out dark, though, not orange, so next time I make it I'm going to either cook the apples separately for a while first or use applesauce instead of fresh apples, because to cook the apples into mush took so long that the potatoes went all brown. Also, I'd use raw sugar instead of brown, again for the color rather than for taste.

More food and more recipes tomorrow, I imagine.

ETA: Apparently Mom made crawfish au gratin instead of ettouffee. She told me at 10 that she was making ettouffee, and then changed her mind for some reason. Not that you probably care ^_^; Also, there was Chocolate Pie Delight, which is not a pie, but is delightful. And Mom made pralines, and Aunt B made her signature peanut butter cookie cup things that she makes for every holiday.


Dec. 9th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Just finished my baking and will mail out tomorrow. I'm trying to make a card, now. My (mom's) printer is shot and won't print worth a crap, though. I may wind up at kinko's tomorrow. I had a near disaster when I realized someone (probably sister) had gotten into one of my ingredients and ALL BUT LICKED THE BLOODY JAR. *huff* This is what I get for shopping in advance. 

Anyway, if you think your batch doesn't include quite enough chocolate hazelnut, you'll know who do blame. 

*nom nom nom* tasty!
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I decided, kind of at the last minute, that I'd like to go see The Nutcracker, this year - only the tickets are all sold out, through Christmas. This probably ought to be frustrating, except our annual Nutcracker production (which is amazing, and incorporates a lot of cajun and creole tradition) is put on by inner city kids (coached by professionals), and the procedes go to fund music and dance classes through BREC for kids who can't afford them. So, when I saw all the tickets were sold out, I was very briefly disappointed, and then realized it was actually kind of awsome. 

I'm doing my holiday baking today, so again, if anyone wants any, leave a note with your address in my post from a week or two ago.

ETA: It just occured to me some of you might be interested in this page, which is where I found my Trepak. ^_^


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