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T had early dismissal from school today, so we went to see Ponyo. I got paid to see a Ghibli film! It was cute cute cute! So cute! And we went to the library, and I happened to be looking at the kids' DVDs and found THE ENTIRE MR. WIZARD SERIES ON DVD. No one seems to understand how cool this is! I've been telling people all day and getting strange looks.

Anyway, after my shift, I stopped and got a bottle of wine and came home and made artichoke gratinata and pasta with a white-wine cream sauce, and I just at a huge plate of delicious food and watched some Mr. Wizard and now I'm slightly tipsy. AND! New We'll Always Have Paris and fabulous Boostle art and Batgirl #1 is out, and it's the best day ever.

Okay, possibly more than a little tipsy.
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Today is one of the two days I get off every month. In addition, my roommates are in another state visiting relatives. The net result?


I am doing nothing today that I don't want to. I'm taking a short break now, but I've been working on my Big Bang for the last few hours, and I FINALLY WROTE THAT SCENE! If you're one of the few lucky, lovely people who I have bitched to about this story, I'm sure you know the one. It was killing me, not being able to get past it. but now it's done and I think I'm resonably happy with it.

I've got a comfy couch, a mug of tea and two big snuggly dogs, and I'm about to dive back into CtH. It should be more fun, now, since I'll be writing about Kon taking Tim's clothes off. That's always pleasant. And the library is open late tonight, so I have time to go type and edit, after I run out of gas on the drafting.

WHEE! BEST DAY EVER! Seriously, I may order sushi, which will be brought to my door! FOR I TODAY AM A QUEEN!
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T's parents were both off work today. My usual weekend overnight client is visiting family for the weekend. What does this mean? It means Jessie had all day to work on the giant fic, and that I'm driving out to Lafayette in a bit to spend the night at B's, and then I'm accompanying L and his boyfriend down to Holly Beach for picnicking and fireworks and possibly drunken beach antics of some sort.

The last time L and I drank together, I taught him how to crochet and then we were accosted by the police for our suspiciousness. The time before that, I was very nearly sandwich filling of the sexy kind. There's no telling what will happen this time, but the weekend should be awesome!

Fic progress! Today, Kon argued with chickens and Tim ate sausage during an autopsy. Oh, boys!

5000 / 25000

Lookit! My little meter isn't quite so pathetic anymore! I'm pretty much exactly on track for projected length, too. Alfred/Martha keeps trying to distract me, though. I may have to write a side fic. I'm already planning a sequel.


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