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Haven't posted, written, or been on chat much for the last week or two. I'm kind of brain dead at the moment, for whatever reason, and having a lot of trouble sleeping, besides.

Won't be around this weekend, because it's the family reunion we host every year. Normally I look forward to this *a lot*, as I adore my extended family and we always have lots of fun and great food and I get to tickle tiny people and sit around in rockers on the porch drinking tea and mojitos with my aunts and uncles and cousins.

This year, though... well. My grandmother passed away in March. I'm still pretty much devastated. She was probably my favorite person in the world, and definitely the last person I still expected to love me, unconditionally. Spending the weekend surrounded by her descendants without her holding court from a porch rocker is going to be really hard. What's worse, I anticipate people trying to talk to me about her, or possibly making speeches. I'm too raw for this. It's going to be like rubbing glass into a wound.

Well, that was kind of a downer. This was just supposed to be a post to explain my absence, not to dump all over my flist. Here's hoping I'm feeling more motivated to write, next week.
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I don't know what my internet access will be like for a few days, and if I've got any outstanding obligations or comments you're expecting to see me answer - don't be surprised if you don't see me for a while.

My grandmother is in the hospital )

ETA: Rereading this, I am realizing that Semagic apparently has a really shitty spellcheck. Really? Internet and texted got replaced? Oh well.

At the Rayville hospital now. We're in limbo in the ER waiting room, because we can't go in and mom can;t go out. We also can't get a key to my Aunt's house until we see her, so... kind of stuck. At least I've got internetz. No word yet, really.
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I think  I'm caught up on my flist, finally. Took a long time, as I've been away from the computer. Granny is better (she was so severely dehydrated and anemic that they had to give her two pints of blood, plus fluids, but she's home now). Cousin is worse. Went through my closet yesterday afternoon looking for dark, dressy things, and got new black dress flats.

I worked all this week, after returning from cousin's. I've gotten too used to working short hours - full 10 hr shifts knocked me flat, and the day before Easter was HELL.  Brother bought Smash Bros Brawl, which has been a nice distraction and which meant lots of Brother's friends have come by this week. He's now off for Spring Break (sister and I had off last week) so I expect to see more of them.

Sister and I talked about her plans to marry Practically Brother In Law - She had told him "when I graduate college," but she's just changed her catalog and now has 18 hours left, and he's still deep in school. She's decided "when I graduate college" really means "when I finish grad school," (which sekritly means "when he gets his degree and can support himself" and "when I no longer need Parent's help to pay for things). Sister is wise and wiley.

I think I have enough money saved up to start shopping for a new computer. I'd like to build one, and I've been doing research on exactly that, but I'm terribly nervous. I have successfully installed a hard drive and an optical drive, as well as upgrading video cards and installing a wireless card, so I'm at least passably familiar with the inside of a computer case - familiar enough to know that things can go horribly wrong. I really don't have the money to blow on a mistake, if I somehow screw up and a) damage something or b) buy components that aren't compatible.  So, nervous.

That's really about all that's going on, over here. Oh yeah, I can't find my $80 Spanish workbook, a chapter of which is due Wednesday, but that's par for the course. ^_^;
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Went to see cousin. He's awful. >.< Hasn't eaten in two weeks, and will be lucky to make it another. The babies know something's wrong and cry pretty much nonstop, now.

Granny was sick, then was better (but not well), and now she's on her way to the hospital because when mom talked to her on the phone she was extremely disoriented.

I got home from the dentist just now (two fillings, ick) to find mom red eyed and cleaning. Not a good sign.
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On a completely unrelated note, I'm on the communal computer in our kitchen right now and I can hear my parents having sex upstairs, which is very weird, but which I can handle. What is making me laugh, though, is that if I can hear them, my sister definitely can (since their headboard is just across the wall from hers) and she is an enormous prude who completely freaks out if my parents kiss in front of her (despite her being 19 and otherwise mature).


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