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[personal profile] faile_neume  gave me a prompt (Fluffy Tim/Bernard, stolen clothes) the other day for a drabble. I failed to write it. Instead, I did this:

I hate his hair, but I'm very happy with his Hero Pose. God I suck at CG hair. I really should have done that part on paper.

Also, I think I' m the only person in the world who likes this version of the Robin suit best. The costume inconsistencies (of which there are several) come from me not having my comics with me while I was drawing.

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Title: Faithless and Faithful
Author: [ profile] iesika
Rating/Warning: Sex and language. And sad. This story is rated sad.
Characters: Tim Drake, Bernard Dowd
Spoilers/continuity: Set just after the main events of War Games (After Bruce tells Tim about Steph)
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me.
Summary: Grief makes people act a little funny, sometimes.  For [ profile] darthbatgirl’s How Tim Lost His Virginity Challenge (which I have been calling Timginity, because I am a dork).

Huge thanks to [ profile] felonazcorp  for the beta. Any errors  which slipped through are totally my fault.

story behind the cut )

Title comes from D.H. Lawrence’s Hymn to Priapus, which is long, so here’s the most relevant bit:

I, who am worn and careful,
How much do I care?
How is it I grin then, and chuckle
Over despair?

Grief, grief, I suppose and sufficient
Grief makes us free
To be faithless and faithful together
As we have to be.

Time for the shameless begging, again, folks. I'm nearly done with another fic for this same challenge (so Tim is front and center), and would love for someone to beta-read it... just a quick and dirty overview for grammar and spelling issues the automated checks failed to find. I would be EVER SO appreciative. There will be Bernard! Briefly. Also, the story premise and its contents are a great big secret, but it would be quite easy for me to work in a little gift at the request of someone I might be beholden to in any sort of way...
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Title: Peek Not Through a Keyhole
Author: [personal profile] iesika  
Summary: Five Times Bernard Dowd Did Not Eavesdrop on Tim Drake. Sort of.
Continuity/Spoilers: After Robin: Unmasked, through War Games. Dick’s presence is handwavy, because apparently he has the superpower of being in three places at once. If the writers can do it, so can I.
Warnings: Kon is a potty mouth. Bernard has a dirty mind.
Length: 3,000 words

In which Tim is uncharacteristically unobservant. Blame it on stress. Poor woobie. This started as a silly little five things fic about innuendo and Bernard’s dirty little mind, but then it decided to get serious on me. Title comes from Salem's Lot. This gets the new Wire Cage Monkeys icon, because Tim is a Wire Cage Monkey.


Peek Not Through a Keyhole

Peek behind the cut instead )


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