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Rather unexpectedly, I have an entire week off. T went to camp (her parents didn't tell me she was going this week until last Friday), and my Wednesday afternoon client is going out of town for two weeks. I worked two full shifts this weekend, and I'll have two full shifts next weekend, but damn is my paycheck going to be hurting.

On the other hand, the free time is nice. I'm spending all day today at the university library (much greater freedom of usage than the public one) working on the Super Sekrit bonus fic, which I can't seem to finish because it just keeps growing. It's not even that long - it's just jam-packed with stuff and implications and history. It's kind of gotten epic. Seriously, this story spans comics from before A Lonely Place of Dying (1989 arc which introduced Tim as a character), right through Battle for the Cowl (which just concluded). The fic is due today, which is a damned shame, because I want to keep adding to it. There are six more parts in my head which want to go into the middle places, and I still haven't finished the absolutely necessary bit with Ariana because I hate her creepy, codependent guts.

I think, after I finish this story, (if I ever finish it) I will probably get cracking on the mega-posting scans series that's been living in my head since forever. I can't put it on scans_daily - or at least not the whole thing - because it will require panels from Young Justice, which is off-limits there due to creator request. The topic of this posting series? "Timmy is crazy," with supporting examples and arguement. I have folders of the stuff collected already, and now Red Robin is out - and I need to review that this week, too.

Okay, enough stalling, time to get back to work. Stupid creepy codependent clingy bimbo won't write herself!

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The 5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction, and I've read one of them. *dies laughing* Or read part of it, at least, when it was initially posted, because I couldn't believe the summary. It was quite a trainwreck. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my anti-twincest icon.

#5 will probably be the most interesting to people on my flist, because Picard/Elrond is just too cracktastic to pass up.

There's a story mentioned in the comments: "I once read a fanfic that had harry potter and his dead dad," Which I'm fairly sure was probably this one (there are others, but Rushlight's is pretty famous. Also, the story is just one weird thing Rushlight has written - she's got other stuff that's quite spectacular).

Er, also, I started school today for the semester, which is much more important but not nearly as entertaining.
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I've worked on Fishes a bit more, and have just now returned from the library where I've learned how hard it is to find books on alchemy or herbalism that are actually historical. All I wanted was a good medieval herbal... Everything I found on medicinal herbs was from 1970 or later, and very new-agey. The stuff about alchemy was limited to brief treatments of what the classic chemists got right and wrong, which, while interesting, isn't what I wanted AT ALL. I went in there with very specific books in mind (Huáng Dì Nèi Jíng, de materia medica libri quinque, Abu Hanifa ad-Dinawari's Book of Plants, etc - I really wanted a particular Aztec book, but I don't think it's actually in publication) and didn't find a one of them. I did, however, find a lovely biography of Paracelsus, A very good historical Herbal of plants used in Native American medicine, and, find of finds, a reprint of a 1865 book documenting the threat of Lycanthropy. Ooh, and something about the history of science with Gould listed as an author, which I grabbed just to read his chapter, because I am a shameless fangirl.

On the subject of my shameless fangirling, now that I'm thinking about it: I've noticed this, about myself, that whatever I'm interested in becomes a weird obsession that makes me squee, to the point that I have favorite primatolagists and early Cambrian animals and strains of superhot emergent tropical diseases. When I read a reference to the thing or person or their work, I freak out. Ooo! Someone mentioned Frans De Waal! Let me squee about the merging of primatology and ethology! Anamalocaris's mouthparts were mistaken for shrimp and jellyfish! Sure it's scary that Ebola Reston was isolated in Virginia and Pennsylvania, but Ebola Zaïre has a 90% mortality rate! I think there is something wrong in my brain that overloads the "I Recognize This" function and makes me go haywire. ^_^; I don't know what it is. I have favorite chemical elements, for the love of Pete!

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I have this thing where I turn certain songs into vids/songfics in my head whenever I hear them. Mostly I don't ever do anything with it, because vids require more commitment and processing power than I have available at the moment, but also because songfics end up silly and not every song that makes you think of a series necessarily would make a good vid. And, of course, you can't really make a vid for a book.

This is a problem because over time, half the mp3s in my giant, perpetually random-cycling playlist have acquired some sort of trigger-status for a particular fanfic I'd like to write, or whatever. So often, like just now, I'm trying to read something or write something or whatever, and a song will come on that makes me completely loose my train of thought. It's very distracting. So, while I'm distracted, I thought I'd list a few of the songs that make me completely loose track of what I'm doing and start writing/vidding in my head. I'd be interested in seeing what songs make other people think of certain fandoms or story/vid premises (I know I can't be alone in this, because there are vidders on my flist, heh). 

Just a sample. There's also lots of songs that people have already made videos from. Then of course there's all the music that's actually from various anime/movies/tv shows, some of which is very distracting all by itself (after watching Kingdom Hospital, I cannot hear Basement Jaxx's Where's Your Head At without laughing so hard I usually spill something on myself).
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Not only is [community profile] pornish_pixies up and running again, they are having a celebratory porn fest. They're calling it the "The Internet Is For Porn" challenge, and there have been 26 entries since the community came back. And OMG it's the dirtiest thing I've ever seen, and I've been following pixies for about three years. *dies*  This (NWS for rosey butt and tangle of limbs) is my favorite celebrant, so far. 

On a sadder note, Quills for a Cause is shutting down because of Strikethrough.
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[personal profile] vichan has set up a lj community called [profile] fandom_countsfor the sole purpose of counting how many LJ users are here for fandom. There are no posts, you just go join to get counted. But if it's going to work, everybody has to join, so go join. Come on, aren't you curious? Since LJ was just bragging about having a higher population than most  American states? I mean, damn, 13,059,612 people. The com has 25,395 members already. It was founded at 12:30pm EST.

Also, someone I've never met before just ran up the stairs to my office and gave me a free jar of jam from the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. O.o

ETA: Brief conference with my coworkers has led to the revelation of the Mystery Jam Gifter's identity - she's a subject in one of our studies whose son's boy scout troop made the jam for the fest and who has a pantry full of it to get rid of now. It looks good - whole halves of strawberries (yes, I know that's an oxymoron, but I couldn't think of a different way to phrase that). Shame I already ate my bagel.
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There is a bit of a ruckus going on in the fannish sectors of LJ today. Well, not just the fannish sector, even. And I think it started last night. Mostly I'm confused.

It seems communities are being suspended and/or deleted based on their interests. [personal profile] catrinellais doing a bang up reporting job over at her journal, and while the info she's gathered together so far is mostly related to HP fandom, she's looking for info from other sources. 

My favorite community, [community profile] pornish_pixies, has been permenantly suspended. Several others that I follow have been suspended. Livejournal isn't saying a word about any of it, either. No warning to the moderators, either, the communities just don't exist anymore. 

Several people ([personal profile] painless_j among them, and she's really the HP fandom's go-to-girl) and communities are saying that clearing all interests is probably the best way to slide through the purge unharmed. Others are frantically archiving old posts. Personally, I don't have a clue what's going on.

Any reports of strangeness from other fandoms?

ETA: [personal profile] femmequixotic, moderator of the [community profile] pornish_pixiescommunity, has posted information received from the LJ Abuse people. I've learned rather a bit more from her journal than anywhere else, today.  She says they're being very nice and had nothing to do with the decision, and have given her a way to access back posts.

ETA: Apparently, while I was at lunch, nearly everyone got their journals back. w00t!


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