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This is one of those semi-obligatory "I am still alive" posts. I've spent the last two months making gifts for the holidays during all my spare time, and, as soon as the party I got volunteered to co-host tonight is over, I have to start packing, because I'm moving from one apartment to another in less than a month. 

I'm having a bit of a slump, mood-wise. I think it's mostly stress, though there's family stuff going on I won't go into detail about here. It's subtle and passive aggressive and would take too long to try and explain. 

I'm taking a little break for a few minutes... I've been cooking and cleaning for two days, but I had to sit down for a minute, in the middle of scrubbing the bathroom, because my audiobook just finished and I had to transfer over the next one ASAP. Here, have a recommendation, via [ profile] neopeius , who turned me onto the series: David Brin's Uplift books are fantastically amazingly wonderful. Because you want to read a murder mystery set inside the sun, You really do. It's harder to explain the delicious cat-and-mouse hunt under the oceans of a poisonous world, in the second book - more like The Enemy Below had a baby with the Lord of the Flies, but with space battles and atavistic dolphins.

I'm also going to share a recipe because it is to die for.

Microwave fudge: 

3 cups chocolate chips (or, in the case of my second batch, half chocolate and half peanut butter baking chips.)
1 can condensed milk
1/4 c butter

Microwave on half power for 3 minutes. Stir. If it's not all melted, give it another minute and stir again. Pour into a greased or plastic-wrap lined 8x8 pan and let cool. Cut into squares. TA DA. Proceed to make yourself sick.  (Fudge for breakfast =/= good idea)
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There is significant overlap between [ profile] kirax2 's flist and mine, but I just want to be sure that absolutely everyone on the internet sees this fic.

[ profile] kirax2  just posted the first chapter of a truely epic Tim/Kon, and it is *wonderful*. She told me about the concept (a Tim who grew up in Smallville rather than Gotham) and it thrilled and intrigued me so much that I bullied her until she actually agreed to write it. ^_^ From there, she's carried the idea into an EPIC PLOT that I honestly can't wait for more of. I've been beta-reading and cheerleading, and every day when I turn on my computer I log into googledocs right after I check my email and flist, to see if she's written any more for me to exclaim ecstatically over.

If you're afraid to start reading an AU multipart after the first chapter just went up (I don't blame you, and I am frequently of the same mind, because you never know if it's worth it Or how serious the author is), don't be. There's more written and much more planned and I will give you my personal assurance that if it EVER looks like [ profile] kirax2  is starting to slack off, I will tirelessly annoy her until she writes more, because I CANNOT OVER-STRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC.


Perennial, Year One, Winter
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[ profile] kirax2 has once again given me the great gift of fic. ^___^ This is because she is awesome.

Speaking of awesome, so is the fic! Go read it!

Title: One Good Turn
Author: [ profile] kirax2 
Pairing: Dick/Steph/Tim
Series: my Tim and Steph Do the DCU (Follows R-Point Rendezvous and precedes Best Boyfriend Ever)

Hot threesome porn! Get your fresh, hot threesome porn! 
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It is late, and I should be in bed, but OMG 

[ profile] mithrigil  wrote X/Death note. *flail*

Urban Legend, which is a sort of prequel to 6 November, made me laugh. 6 November? Made me flail madly. I mean that literally. I spilled my drink and everything.


Urban Legend

6 November

From 6 November:

“You cannot be allowed to continue,” he says.

The wind begins—just enough to bite Light’s cheeks. “I won’t stop unless you kill me.”

He doesn’t nod. “I know.”

“—You don’t want to, do you.”


Light smirks. “Because I’m right.”

“No,” he repeats, “that’s not it at all.”

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Happy Birthday to me! I am 24, which means that, really, I ought to be done with school by this point and not working in a bakery. Though working in a bakery does lead to today's amusing anecdote. You see, I don't like cake at the best of times, and being surrounded by sweets 6 days a week does not make them more appetizing. So, instead of a birthday cake, I had a birthday quiche, with candles and everything. But I'm sick right now, so it kind of tasted like sawdust.

Now, I know most of my flist are not Potter People, but OMG I just read the BEST story...

Title: Friends and Wine

[profile] atdelphi 
Pairing: Slughorn/Snape (during book 6, not Snape's teen years)
Summary: Professors Snape and Slughorn acquaint themselves anew.

This story is really excellent, with a nice slow build-up and a bit sexual tension. Delphi's Snape is always good, but what I really love here is Slughorn, who I've never seen done so well.




Severus froze, feeling suddenly as though someone had poured cold water down his back. They did not talk politics, the two of them. They talked about Potions and natural philosophy and literature and Quidditch, and sometimes he thought that was the only thing that had kept him from throwing himself off the Astronomy Tower as a preemptive measure. "You were fucking him," he said flatly.

Horace looked alarmed, recovering his arm and frowning. "Of course I wasn't. Tom Riddle...wasn't interested in being anyone's protégé. I only said you reminded me of him."


Horace took another long drink. "Half-blood. Proud. Too clever for your own good, and not realising that mere cleverness doesn't get you into the circles you want it to. Take my word for it, m'boy, you would have come to a much worse end than this if you'd been born charming."

If that was supposed to be a compliment, it fell substantially short.

"Now, Harry Potter," Horace mused, "He's the same breed. Don't make that face."

"Harry Potter is neither a half-blood, by any modern definition, nor too clever for anyone's good."

Horace smiled, but once again it was that unpleasant smile. "He was asking the oddest questions today..."

Severus's frown deepened. "What sort of questions?"

Horace only shook his head, however. "He's a dangerous boy.
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Title: Sing Along If You Know the Tune
Author: [personal profile] pushdragon
Pairing: Potter/Malfoy


God I love a story with a good twist. This is the first DH-compliant fic I've seen, and I adore it. So funny! It's very, very funny, and very short. Even if you aren't a HP-fandomer, if you have read the book, I recommend you read this. It won't take a moment.

Take that, epilogue!


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