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Title: R-Point Rendezvous
Author: [ profile] iesika
Rating: Explicit
Trio: Cass/Steph/Tim (Batgirl/Spoiler/Robin)
Summary: It’s supposed to be the universal male fantasy
Warnings: really, really explicit, actually.
Author’s note: For my Ladies' Choice Challenge. This is the second fic I’ve written in this universe, which I’m calling Tim and Steph Do The DCU. It takes place prior to Best Boyfriend Ever, and knowledge of that story is not in any way required for the appreciation of this one. Also, this is not fully beta’d, but [personal profile] faile_neumehelped me catch a lot of silly mistakes.

Two hot chicks, no waiting! All you can eat pussy buffet! 

Why do I love writing Steph's POV? Because I get to use lines like the above.

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I was so frustrated that I didn't have a scanner to share these pages with the world at large, until [ profile] faile_neume came to my rescue and uploaded them for me.

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a comic book since...since....since Batman The Ebay Sniper! Or at least since the Golden Age World's Finest covers I was perusing for DCx3 icon material. Anyway, it's funny, so click on the links!

Why no, Robin, I am not afraid of DEATH

What did you do to Dick?! SKRAK!

And then the Batmobile crashed into a ditch at 80 mph

Also, last page? Either Talia has the Weirdest Uterus Ever, or Damian was build in a lab, not a bedroom. CALLED IT! HE'S NOT A DATE RAPE BABY! HE'S A CHILD OF SCIENCE!!!
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[personal profile] faile_neume  gave me a prompt (Fluffy Tim/Bernard, stolen clothes) the other day for a drabble. I failed to write it. Instead, I did this:

I hate his hair, but I'm very happy with his Hero Pose. God I suck at CG hair. I really should have done that part on paper.

Also, I think I' m the only person in the world who likes this version of the Robin suit best. The costume inconsistencies (of which there are several) come from me not having my comics with me while I was drawing.

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Today is the last day of my unexpected vacation. I should probably have spent more of it doing productive things, like attending to the pile of dishes in my sink and the dog hair in the carpet. Instead, I spent the hour-and-a-half putting this image-heavy post together for scans_daily, because the issue I was referencing for Darla's near-miss (for A Study in Self-Denial), also includes this:

Yes, that is, in fact, Superboy in a tattered Robin costume, being supported on his way back to Tim's Nest and WHERE THE HELL IS MY PORN, FANDOM?
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Once again, actual comics have proven themselves to be more cracktastic than anything we fans could dream up.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583 : Spidey Meets the President!

That's right - an Obama and Spiderman team-up. WTF?

A while back, Obama went on record saying Spidey was his favorite superhero. Apparently Marvel decided to run with that.

NPR has a great take on the issue...

For once, I didn't find out about the crack from [ profile] scans_daily ... I wonder if anyone has shared this gem there, yet.


Jan. 31st, 2009 06:34 pm
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So, we may now know who the people in the Nightwing and Flamebird costumes are...

Okay, that means nothing to you. Um. Nightwing (Dick Grayson, the first Robin) was originally inspired by the Kryptonian story of Nightwing and Flamebird as told to Dick by Superman, when Bruce told him he wasn't Robin anymore because he'd picked up a hustler in Crime Alley (I love Jason, I do, but OMG Bruce is cruel). So Dick took the name Nightwing, and much later Bette Kane (yes, the old pre-Crisis Bat-Girl) started calling herself Flamebird. There's also been a few times, in various continuities, that Superman has taken the identity of Nightwing, along with a partner calling his or herself Flamebird (Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane have both filled the role).

Anyway, they've cancelled half the bat books, and we were getting teasers in the back with pics of a young man and woman who looked suspiciously like they ought to be called Nightwing and Flamebird - they've got very Kryptonian garb, and winged/flame symbols rather than "the S" ... And I'd been getting a bit flaily in anticipation of the big reveal.

Now we've got this. (please leave aside the incredible stupidity of the "forced evolution" thing. Evolution: You're Doing It Wrong!)

No conclusive proof of anything, of course...but there's only one character in the DCU, EVER, to have Tactile Telekinesis as a power. A certain Kryptonian/human hybrid we haven't seen in a while, due to his being DEAD and there being a HUGE GOLD STATUE of him that FALLS OVER ...

I'm hopeful and apprehensive and confused and flaily.


Don't mind me.


Nov. 17th, 2008 06:37 pm
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I have hit the motherload. I have a new favorite place to find illegal goods: so many comics torrents!

I spent most of last night and this afternoon reading the entire runs of Nightwing and Young Justice (I skipped most of what I've already read - though not all, by any means, because baseball in outer space is funny). 

So far, I have 670 (!) issues of Batman, all 52 of 52 (will knock your socks off), Young Justice (so funny!), Gotham Knights (omgmumbleDevinGrayson!), most of Robin (including the three miniseries), Birds of Prey (wimmins!), Nightwing (hotness + angst = win), Crisis on Infinite Earths (cracktastic!)...

Currently working on: Superboy (silly), Impulse (sillier), Flash (back to the Golden Age), All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (Yes, the Miller crack I ranted about), Titans (all three eras), and a bunch of Batman graphic novels that aren't part of proper continuity. Give me five minutes, I'll think of something else and queue it up.

The reason I omgmumbled on Gotham Knights is this: Devin Grayson (who writes for the Bat-books, among other things, and is one of the best Dick writers ever) believes in her personal canon that Dick made a pass at Bruce when he was a teenager and got shot down. She says they'll never let her put it in a comic, but she operates under the assumption that it happened. It really comes through in Gotham Knights, particularly in the infamous "sticky and hot" conversation - in which a (crazy) psychiatrist (who knows about The Secret) sums up Dick's relationship to Bruce. Which is indeed sticky. And hot.

Anyway. If, on the off chance, my near-constant babbling has made you curious, or nostalgic, or I don't know, even vaguely interested in DC comics? Now you know where to go. The files are all .cbrs (something like a .rar) which require a program called CDisplay to run. If you can't find it, I can send it to you.

Now don't expect to hear from me for a week or six.

Oh, and tomorrow's my birthday! I didn't make the connection! Thank you, internet, for my birthday gift! I appreciate it!

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I have drifted from Fishes. I want to finish it, I really do. Comics are now eating my brain, though. I've mostly finished the Dick/Harry thing (which in my head is called Tom, Dick, and Harry, but I really need a better title than that), but I am still waiting on a report from canonistas as to whether my egyptology curator can in fact make a cameo. Babs is in it, and Alfred. And there is Threat of Zatanna or Dr. Fate, because Batman does, indeed, know how to ask for help. Sometimes.

As for what I'm not writing (not really, outlining and dialog, that's not writing, right?):

The thing where Robin (Tim) makes a brief jaunt to an AU where Robin Never Was (and thus everyone is dead). And kidnaps himself. And maybe there is crazy bondage/stockholm identity porn in the dark of the abandoned batcave, and Robin is facinated by all the places the scars are not, and Tim is facinated by the scars and the muscles and threatening crazy persona. Maybe.

The thing where Booster meets Tim while visiting Babs, and they *ahem* bond. Because their love is so breakingthelawsofnatureforonemoremomentwiththemantheylove. (No, really. They would be creepily perfect together. I can just see Tim making Booster take him back to Cadmus to steal specs and DNA samples. Tim was Ted's fanboy. There's been talk (all the way up the ladder to Chuck Dixon, actually) of what a great Beetle Tim would make, if he weren't a Bat.)

And it's just hit me that I have not babbled here about Identity Porn OR Boostle. Shame on me.

You want to know about Identity Porn. I know you do. Also, there are funny pictures behind the cut. )
ETA: I was cooking dinner and it hit me really hard that I want to do a fic where Booster goes back in time just to talk to Ted before he dies. Like, visits baby Ted, and small child Ted, and teenager Ted, and so on. Spies, maybe, until young adult Ted catches him. Ted who's never met him, and Booster's in civies and 20 years older than he will be when Ted officially meets him. And they talk. Mostly I want the talk. I wouldn't mind a smooch. God, I'd break my own heart, attempting that one.
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...The DCU has gotten... Um. I knew, via internets, that Kon-el (Superboy) was dead and Tim (Robin) redesigned his costume in tribute. I did not know Tim had built him a semi-creepy memorial and was trying to raise him from the freakin dead. And...I can't find the Robin trade paperback from just before War Games (or War Games, for that matter), so I'm only spoiled and haven't actually read the comics about Tim's dad blackmailing Bruce and threatening to shoot him in the head if he didn't stay the fuck away from his son, and the students at Tim's school who died as a result of his not being Robin. But I did read what followed immediately after...When Tim's dad was murdered while Tim was on the radio with him, trying to get back home to protect him. Wow.

Tim was always a little... Um. Probably pretty disturbed. Superboy always called him a little freaky. But... Yeah. Tim is a mess now, and I love him. And I can't find the comics I want and I have no money *cries*

In other news, I also did not know that Dick had fucking PROPOSED. To Babs. Who said no. *whimper*
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Man oh man, does Frank Miller have issues. 1-9, in fact, of All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder. Probably the rest is nearly as bad, but I've only read the first collection. I just finished it a little while ago and O.o I had to put my reactions down because (I repeat) O.o!!!

In brief (but not brief enough to avoid a cut) )

I...I can't even begin to discuss how...weird I feel after reading that. As someone said in a comment to a story I read last night (comment is what prompted me to go looking for All Star), "Unlike Miller, I prefer my Robin consenting."  I'd like to dismiss the whole thing out of hand, but it's made me think.

Bruce and Dick are supposed to be at odds with each other. They always have been. They represent completely different things. I would even call it canon that Bruce was an abusive and neglectful 'parent' figure - though I don't think he was (often) physically abusive. We've seen him punch Nightwing in the face when he was upset about something else. They probably sparred too rough when Bruce was mad about other things. We know Dick all but ran away to New York (and occasionally Metropolis, which is why I like Clark/Dick so much) when he was too young to be on his own and still searching for somewhere to belong. We know he demanded his emancipation, and we know how hurt he was when Bruce replaced him with Jason. We know how fucked up Dick is emotionally, if we read between the lines (or read him as Marv Wolfman writes him). It's sort of fanon that Dick is in love with Bruce and measures everyone in his life against him. And he's definitely angry at him, all the time, even when he loves him. A lot of people (including me) believe Dick kind of hates Bruce, deep down, though he doesn't know it himself. The people who make canon say it's all about adolescence and growing up and becoming your own person, but there's a lot more to it than that, and Bruce is nobody's happy father figure.

What's scary about All Star is that it makes a weird kind of sense. It brings all those nasty undercurrents to the surface. I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

I can't find a way to wrap this up coherently. Fandom with multiple, incompatible canons is weird.

Also, I made a couple of new icons last night, with comic scans. I don't know why...I only ever use the bookrat icon. Except today, because Robin being spanked was...entirely too appropriate.

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Oh. My. God. I just found my name on the Nightwing/Other list and went digging and I found something I wrote in July of 2000, which probably makes it my very first posted piece of fanfiction. I completely forgot that I had written this. I would have been 16. Oh. My. God.

Right. Okay. I'm reposting this for posterity, because it only exists on the mailing list (as I keep meaning to do the same for my old GW fic but never find the time).

It is set during issues 42-43 of Nightwing, and features Tad, aka Nite-Wing (who set out to become a vigilante and nearly got himself killed, only to be rescued by the real Nightwing, who then tried training him a little so he wouldn't end up in the hospital again. Tad was...a mess. Very fucked in the head. Kind of lovable, in an odd way, until he beat that federal agent to death, but that didn't happen until later... Also, yes, I know eskrima is not Japanese, but Tad doesn't). Also, it's very gen, thankfully. I am not subjecting anyone to my first attempt at smut. ^_^;

Hero Worship )
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Back in, oh, 2001? I was a chronic lurker on the comicslash mailing list. For some reason, I unsubscribed (there may have been decreased traffic, or increased spamming, I don't know). Anyway, re-reading my comics and working on the (still nameless) HP/Batman thing made me want to reread some older stories, and maybe find some new ones, so I re-subscribed and started sorting through years of back messages looking for the good stuff. Unfortunately, seven years in RL = 700 Internet Years, and all the links are broken. I finally got up to some more recent messages and found the current address for X-Men Slash Central, but it's old and full of holes. Then, just a little while ago, I hit a major jackpot. The Titans Adult Archive link still went somewhere - and it went somewhere with a link. A link here: [ profile] dcu_slash_index . And from there to here: [ profile] dcfic_index .

I now have ginger-lemon tea and Dick/Tim slash. Jessie is a happy camper.

And Dinah/Babs! (Theirloveissointernetcrush)! And Tim/Kon-El! (Theirloveissowearingthedeadboyfriend'sclothes)! There's a listing for Joey! And (Wah!Wah!Wah!*flail*) Alfred fic!

If I find Jim Gordon/Dick Grayson, so help me, I am going to wake up the whole house with my joy. (Is that weird? I feel like maybe that's kind of weird. But I want it so bad.)

Ah! And now this: [ profile] marvelfic_index ! Though, aside from the Rictor/Shatterstar and the Iceman/Beast, I am not so much for the Marvel slashing. Oh. And the Gambit/Courier! How can I forget the Gambit/Courier! Now I have to go scour that list, too.

Quasi-Related Comicbook tomfoolery:

- I found my copy of the official Batman RPG guidebook. I'd forgotten why we never played it. It's soooo bad (but I still want to be Clayface).
- Crazy Crossover That Hit Me On The Head: Tim goes up to Westchester to see his cousin Bobby. If you get the joke, you get bonus points!
-  I seem to have every Mainstream Comic Character Comes Out of Closet issue, EVER.
- I should scan the relevant panels. At the very least, everyone must see Batman's abusive ex.
- I should also scan and share that bit of that Nightwing comic where Dick and Tim discuss Bruce and girls while blindfolded on top of a train. Otherwise, the begining of the HP/Batman thing might not make sense. Also, because Dick falling when Tim tells him his girlfriend is pregnant is one of the funniest scenes in comic book history.
-I wish I had more Gordon comics. I've got The Killing Joke, Gordon's Law, and all of the Officer Down arc, but I don't have any GCPD books, and I can't find Gordon of Gotham anywhere. And I can't remember which comic (I own it, and can't find it) has Gordon and Batman drinking coffee in a diner. It's killing me! That was such a good scene! Up there with Gordon "not seeing so well without his glasses" when Batman looses his mask in Year One.
-I am a crazy fangirl and you should probably ignore me completely when I get like this.

I found Jim/Dick but it wasn't what I wanted at aaaaall. Stupid me, my wishing should have been more specific (I want 'Only Honest Cop in Bludhaven' Dick with 'Just Pre-Retirement' Jim. Okay internet? Dick is not allowed to be Twelve.)

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I lied. Apparently. In my last post, I said the crazy crossovers would never be. Except they made [ profile] starherd  laugh, and I said I'd write her a ficlet, now I'm 10 pages into a HP/Batverse crossover I never thought I'd write.

Which has made me think about comic books. All of mine, by the way, came out of storage just before Gustav, and I've been flipping through some of them. I wrote a Barbara Gordon cameo in, last night (this morning added Blue Beetle, and now we're out of control) and couldn't fall asleep until I went back and read the Hunt For Oracle storyline in Birds of Prey and Nightwing. Because I was thinking about how she's the coolest woman in comics, ever. Most of you probably know that Barbara Gordon = Batgirl. I don't think there's any other big comics fans on my flist, though, so I doubt anyone knows much else. Maybe that she's been paralyzed. Maybe that she's Oracle.


So. Much. More. )


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This post is as much for my benefit as yours - by having all these links posted in one place, I can check up on all my comics from any computer, without having to wrack my brain remembering how to get there.

Digger by Ursula Vernon  (Tuesday and Thursday)

Some of you may be familiar with my mad fangirling of Ursula Vernon. She's a fabulous artist (check out her website, Metal and Magic), who has a true love of the ugly and unusual sides of nature. Digger is a comic that centers on the adventures of a wandering Wombat who has found herself lost in a strange place with even stranger company. She's brave, good hearted, and incredibly pragmatic. Along with the usual Vernon crazyiness (oracular slugs), there's a lot of well-read, terribly interesting detail in here, about everything from the social structure of hyena packs to the odder and more beautiful aspects of mythology from all over the world. Vernon has also published the early portions of the comic in trade book format. And here is something of hers that
[profile] kasra_c
will like.

Girl Genius (Online) by Phil and Kaja Foglio (Monday Wednesday and Friday)

The art in this series will BLOW YOUR MIND. The first book's worth is in black and white, but after that, the whole thing is full color, and incredibly detailed and beautiful. The story is "gaslamp fantasy," which is to say there are Airship Armadas and giant, steam-powered robots and tiny clockwork lab assistants. It reads like an adventure novel. Agatha Clay is a student at Transylvania Polytechnic University who just can't get anything right - until the day her Professor is blown to bits and someone steals the locket her Uncle Barry gave her just before he disappeared.

Order of the Stick and Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob

These are not by the same person, but they are posted to the same website, Giant in the Playground Games. OotS is a stick figure RPG comic, and it is very funny. Erfworld is about a tabletop gamer who is summoned into a world of turn-based warfare, to be the ultimate warlord. It is also very funny.

XKCD   by Randall Munroe

Hard to describe this one. It's a stick figure comic about math and science and life.

Dr. McNinja   by
Chris Hastings and Kent Archer

Dr. McNinja is both a doctor and a ninja. He kind of wants to be Batman, though. He even gets a kid sidekick part way through, who is a tiny bandito with facial hair who rides a velociraptor. Dr. McNinja's mentor is a medically resurrected clone of Ben Franklin. I am making none of this up.

The Holy Bibble by Cannan and Lucas

A very ambitious project - the entire bible as a humorous webcomic. This is at the bottom because it is not too frequent in it's updates. Which is a shame, because it is AWESOME.

Then there is Boy Meets Boy, which isn't updated anymore, but was brilliant for several years.

And I can't talk about webcomics without mentioning Scott Mccloud, who predicted the webcomic boom in his book Reinventing Comics. That book, and the "prequel" Understanding Comics, actually changed the way I think about art and storytelling so completely that it is mindboggling to me. The best part? His books about comics? Are all comics.


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