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I haven't updated since I posted the last bit of Kings, and a lot's happened. BGBFF came to town last Saturday and we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't read any Holmes since elementary or early middle school (I remember not liking it, probably because I was trying to read up in level a little too much) which is the only reason I didn't do my usual hatenewcanonhatehate movie thing. I know some people have loved the movie and other more hardcore Doyle fans have hated it, so I just want to say one thing in it's favor - It's gotten me interested in the books again. I'm on Baskervilles now, going more or less in order, and enjoying myself immensely. There may be a DC fusion in the planning stages.

Mom fell off a ladder on Thursday and broke her heel. Because she's mom, she was literally crawling around the house with a broken foot instead of asking for help (She did ask Macie to get her shoe when it fell off during the fall and landed under her (brand new) truck). Then she went to the doctor, finally, and discovered she had in fact broken something. She's wearing a boot now and chafing under the restriction of inactivity. The Siblings and I have been picking up the slack - Brother's done the shopping and I did all the cleaning this weekend and intend to bring her chili and homemade salsa verde tomorrow.

Macie blew her knee out early last week (the same one she's been having trouble with the ligament on, not the one that got nearly torn off by the alligator). She's been to the vet and she's going to have to have surgery, but the vet school won't take her for at least a month because they're backed up. She's limping horribly but, as always, does not seem to feel any pain. I swear she doesn't have pain nerves or something. Maybe if she were a little more sensitive, she wouldn't keep seriously injuring herself.

I'm currently working on another Kings installment, and something with Steph and Tim. And the fusion thing.  And replaying GTA:San Andreas. And, you know, working. A lot.

And...I've never done this before and I'm reluctant to do it now because he doesn't show up at all in Google so the minute I post this I will be the top response for anyone who searches for him, but I'm going to rec a piece of music by a local artist, because I know I have some Star Wars fans on my flist and because I adore everything I have heard by him. He goes by Shoelace, he's a hip hop artist here in Baton Rouge, and you can find at least a selection of his music here. He did a show this weekend that's got everybody talking. ^_^ I want his cd so bad. The primary song I'm reccing is "I Am Your Father," but all his stuff is fantastic.

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I was driving through an older part of town, this morning, and I saw a jazz funeral. They were playing "Big Chief in the Sky," which was, as always, very pretty and uplifting. There's been a lot more jazz funerals in the city since Katrina - all those expat y'ats. I consider that a good thing.

I felt miserable this past weekend and didn't go to Voodoo Fest, and now I kind of regret it. It would have been awful, with me being sick, but still. I missed Man Man and the Old 97s and Lupe Fiasco and Trombone Shorty and Wyclef Jean and The Reverend Horton Heat and Walter Wolfman Washington and ... oh hell, just look at the lineup. Can we do it again next weekend, please?

Though, there does seem to be a semi-spontaneous concert setting up across the street... Louisiana is fun in the fall.

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I have this thing where I turn certain songs into vids/songfics in my head whenever I hear them. Mostly I don't ever do anything with it, because vids require more commitment and processing power than I have available at the moment, but also because songfics end up silly and not every song that makes you think of a series necessarily would make a good vid. And, of course, you can't really make a vid for a book.

This is a problem because over time, half the mp3s in my giant, perpetually random-cycling playlist have acquired some sort of trigger-status for a particular fanfic I'd like to write, or whatever. So often, like just now, I'm trying to read something or write something or whatever, and a song will come on that makes me completely loose my train of thought. It's very distracting. So, while I'm distracted, I thought I'd list a few of the songs that make me completely loose track of what I'm doing and start writing/vidding in my head. I'd be interested in seeing what songs make other people think of certain fandoms or story/vid premises (I know I can't be alone in this, because there are vidders on my flist, heh). 

Just a sample. There's also lots of songs that people have already made videos from. Then of course there's all the music that's actually from various anime/movies/tv shows, some of which is very distracting all by itself (after watching Kingdom Hospital, I cannot hear Basement Jaxx's Where's Your Head At without laughing so hard I usually spill something on myself).
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I sort of collect really odd and amazing song covers (they way I collect crossovers), and as I'm listening to that playlist now, I thought I'd share. You are getting no warning about the content of the links. This is deliberate (so that you can have the full impact). Listen anyway. So worth it. 

1, 2, 3, 4

Prepare to have your mind blown by the last one (seriously - it could kill you). 

Anyone else want to share?


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