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Title: A Boy and His Dog
Characters: Tim, Kon (+ others)
Summary: “Man,” Dick says from his place on the floor. “He never let *me* have a dog.”
Warnings: Incredibly silly. Fairly tame.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4700
Summary: Totally for [ profile] batstalker , because she's awesome (also I was bribing her). And because she's awesome, look! Illustration!  (the story is actually based on the picture - and hours and hours of nonsense in chat)

more Kuppy art by batstalker

Tim's not even sure if he's housebroken. )
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Title: Subtext in Triptych
Characters: Cassie, Kon, Tim
Rating: pg-13
Words:  2400
Summary: Cassie, Tim, and Kon have it out, in various combination.
Note: For [ profile] kirax2 , because she’s awesome.

one, two, three )
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I can't believe I am the first on on my flist on this. Especially since I just woke up.

Superboy is going solo!

Cautiously optimistic?
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[ profile] batstalker declared Kon-el Day the other day and I completely forgot to pimp it (bad Jessie!) but I did write for a couple of the prompts. (The "titles" are just the prompts, because I hate titling things)

Protection From Rainfall (Tim/Kon)
300 words, G

story )

art )

Hayloft (Tim/Kon)
200 words, g

story )

The Long Legs of the Law (Tim/Kon)
500 words, g

story )

art )

further foolishness, with more art )
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I am home safe, and Granny is stable and under care, though not out of the woods, and *distressingly* depressed. She was ready to stop taking all of her meds, on Thursday when mom and my aunt had to talk her into going to the hospital (she didn't want to go and it took hours to convince her). Stopping her meds would be suicide, and almost certainly guarantee a stroke and a painful death. We could get her to perk up temporarily and she was reasonably alert and engaged and quick with the snappy comebacks, and she flirted mercilessly with a married man (a good friend of hers - this is par for the course with Granny) but we know she's not herself because she didn't attempt to adopt her young and attractive male hospitalist (though he was a fan of the wrong college sports team, so maybe that was it).

Anyway, home for now. There's not much I can do. I wanted to stay at least one more day, but I wasn't driving. Mom is home too and will go back up on Tuesday - I have two aunts, two uncles, and a cousin on duty, and three tiny cousins (her great grandchildren) on cheer up rotation. We're really really hoping that once the drugs we think are making her depressed are out of her system she will recover. In addition to that, she's got fluid build-up *everywhere*, especially her legs and heart, and an infection in one lung.

Probably this is all TMI, I don't know. I just didn't feel like repeating myself in chat a bunch, and now I can point people here. ^_^; 

I distracted myself this morning by writing. Here is the result:

Tim/Kon ficlet )
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Title: Close To Home
Author: iesika
Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: R
Wordcount: 65,000
Pairings: Kon/Tim, Kon/Cassie, Kon/OMC
Art by:[ profile] sammage_art
Summary: A murder mystery at Smallville High drives Kon to brush up on his detective skills – and his undercover work. He might need to call in some help. Good thing his best friend is an expert at both.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | Art | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | Epilogue

Continuity: This story was conceived and begun between the release of Red Robin #1 and Adventure Comics #1. Some canon after that point was taken into effect, but most was ignored. Consider it AU from that point.

Acknowledgments: The art in this story was done by the glorious and wonderful [ profile] sammage_art , and I am forever in her debt. I'm also eternally grateful to [ profile] faile_neume and [ profile] kirax2 for beta, cheerleading, and hand-holding far above and beyond the call of duty. I can't possibly express how indebted I am for all their help, and how glad I am to have them both as friends (and if you happen to notice their names in the story - it's not a coincidence).

And go tell [ profile] sammage_art you love her pictures!
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Fic: The First Taste (Kon/Tim/Tim)
Title: The First Taste
Author: [info]iesika
Trio: Kon/Tim/(Tim)
Rating: Explicit
Continuity: Teen Titans v3 #17, missing scene
Summary: It may be a bleak dystopia where everyone Robin knows is either dead or evil, but the future does have certain things to recommend it.
Note: For the World's Finest Threesome challenge. Highlight here for potential disturbing content warning: forced voyeurism.

Fic behind the cut )

Only 27 more days left for the World's Finest Threesome challenge!
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I've been without computer access for most of the week (also, there was DRAMA with a lost notebook, but I've got it back, now), so I'm catching up tonight. I have several things to type up, and a few dozen comments and messages to reply to, so please don't feel like I've been ignoring you if you haven't heard from me. I've got a whole actual to-do list, while I've got internet access, tonight. We'll start with a ficlet.

Title: Hug Ficlet
Characters: Kon, Dick, Damian
Summary: Batman doesn't usually hug people.
Continuity is current, so spoilers apply.

Notes: For [info]shananagin, who felt this needed to be written, because she is awesome and pimped my now comm. Also, because this will be paved over by new canon on Wednesday (is anyone else as jittery about this month's new comics as I am? No, I don't think so, because they're not central to your Big Bang fic), so this is my chance to write it how I want to see it.


FLYINGTACKLEHUG behind the cut )


Once he'd let Aunt Martha know he was back, Kon didn't need to stop and think about where to go next. He didn't have a clue where Cassie might be living, but Tim would be in Gotham. Tim would know where Cassie and the others were. He could help fill Kon in before they headed to the Tower on Friday.

Except when he got to Gotham, the Cave was empty. There were sheets over all the cases and equipment, all covered in a thin splattering of bat-shit. No one was in the house, but at least it looked lived in - the dishwasher was running and there was a light on in an upstairs bathroom. Kon determined all this through the roof, of course. He wasn't stupid. As fond as Tim was of booby-traps, Batman had to be worse.

Well, okay. It was getting late. They were probably out fighting crime. Maybe the butler dude had the night off for a hot date. Even old guys needed lovin'. He'd found Tim by ear once before, and that had been back before the vision powers had really kicked in. He could do it again, no problemo. Or if all else failed, he could fly around the city until one of the Bats found him.

Which was exactly how it happened. He'd stopped downtown to get his bearings, traffic flowing far below like a river, when a flash of movement had caught his eye. It turned out to be Batman, beckoning him from a ledge across the street. When Kon was still about five yards away, Batman detached himself from the wall and leapt straight at him. By the time Kon even thought about dodging, Batman slammed into him and threw his arms tight around Kon's back in what could only possibly be described as a bear-hug.

Batman was hugging him, dangling five-hundred feet over the streets of Gotham. His legs locked around Kon's, and Kon supported most of his weight instinctively, even as he dropped about twenty feet in sheer surprise.

"I had to contact Clark," Batman said in his ear, only that wasn't Batman's voice. "I had to be sure. Oh my God, you're really alive!"

"Dick?" Kon asked. He felt a little like he was still in freefall.

"Yeah. God, I saw you die."

"It's cool, now," Kon said. "See, I'm all better." He patted Dick gently on the shoulder, because that was what you did with hysterical people, assuming they weren't actively trying to kill you.

"You are behaving like a woman," said a sneering - and rather young-sounding - voice from the side of the building. When Kon looked up over Dick's shoulder, a kid in red and grey was peering over the ledge at them.

Dick - Kon couldn't call him 'Batman,' even in his head - sighed without turning around. "I told you to go back to base," he said.

"Who the hell is that?" Kon asked. "Where's Robin?"

"I am Robin," the kid said, imperiously.

"No way," Kon growled. He set Dick down on the ledge and backed up a few feet. "Where's Tim?"

Dick hung his head. "I don't know," he said quietly.


"I said I don't know," Dick said a little louder. He didn't look up, so Kon bobbed downward, but Dick evaded his eyes.

"What," Kon asked, bewildered. "You lost him?"

"The little whiner ran away."

"Robin," Dick said, warningly.

"Ran away?" Kon echoed.

"Oh look at me," the kid whined in a sing-song voice that sounded nothing at all like Tim. "Oh, poor me! My daddy never loved me! Oh, my girlfriend is a lying whore! Oh, my poor dead boyfr-"

One punch sent the little snot flying. Kon caught him about ten feet off the ground and left him, white-faced and shaking, on top of a sheltered bus stop.

A few seconds later, Kon was crouched on a gargoyle next to Dick. "We've got to talk, man," he said.

Dick nodded and pulled back the cowl.


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Previews of Adventure Comics #1 went up, and already something posited in my Big Bang fic is disproven. It probably doesn't seem like much, but it effectively erases one of my favorite parts of the story and storytelling.

One page and some commentary under the cut. Technically this is spoilery. Also the book doesn't come out til August. )
On the other hand, it's nice to see what the letter jackets look like. I'm absolutely torn over this comic, because I both want it to have an awesome and vibrant supporting cast, and I'm afraid of it having a significant supporting cast because that interferres with my supporting cast. But I want the book to be awesome! *tears hair*

I want to talk about the Red Robin #2 previews, but I haven't talked about Red Robin #1 yet, and I told myself I was going to spend today's library time working on Close To Home. Can I just say GO BUY RED ROBIN, and leave it at that for now? Oh my GOD I'm loving this comic. Red Robin is exactly the opposite of what happens when a writer who is unfamiliar with a character takes over a book. EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.
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While I'm posting unposted fic.... This one's timestamped December 10th.

This was supposed to be one of three Variations on a Theme. That theme?  Tim Gets Naked. Kon gets a shock. I'm not sure now whether I'm going to write the rest. There are other things demanding my attention. But I liked this, and I even had it typed and formatted, believe it or not, so I decided to post-spam my flist today. I've got two notebooks here full of unfinished little things, and I'm about to start with the megaposting.

This is a Young Justice fic, which means the kids are young, and there is nudity, but it is very innocent. the time the team moves into the old resort? -ish? It's very silly and kind of lame, but I really, really like Bart in this, so I'm posting it anyway. I need an I <3 Impulse icon.

Storyish thing here )




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