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The lovely lady this is for totally knows who she is. <3

Yeah, okay, I know it's weird. But I was looking at Unfortunate Valentines, and this just... LOOK AT THEIR EXPRESSIONS. And he's got a mustache. I had to.

Haaaad tooooo!


Feb. 5th, 2011 03:58 pm
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Free for the taking, though please don't repost without asking. A few of these are simple crops, but most of them took a lot of time and modification.

If your monitor doesn't fit any of the ratios offered here, and you're interested in wallpapers by me, let me know in the comments, maybe along with your favorite characters. I won't promise anything, but when I get bored and want to do something visual, I do go looking for ideas based on what my friends want to see. <3

reaaaaallly image heavy )
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So, Roomie M was playing Katamari Monday night, right after I finished the ornaments I was making for my Granny, and suggested I make a Katamari for our tiny, slightly sad tree. Two days later, this is the result:

I've got a bunch of Batman ornaments pretty much ready to ship out to friends, but I won't be sending them until Monday at the earliest. I'll try and get a pic up Monday. They're a lot simpler than this one. I've decided not to do any other superheroes this year - I'll do one a year and we'll call them collectors items!
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If I just had a digital camera... *sighs* Going to have to borrow Roomie M's tonight.

I made some Batman and some Nightwing. AND I FOUND CIRCLE CUTTERS I FORGOT ABOUT OMG YAY this is going to make Timmy's ornaments so much easier.

Also, I was trying to think of an emblem to be Dick Robin instead of Tim Robin, and my brain latched onto the shortpants. Should I make shortpants shaped ornaments? With little scales?

I am such a dork. M came home at like 11:30 last night and I was only just sitting down to eat, and I bum-rushed her and made her look at my ornaments. But she thinks they're cute!

They look very homemade, though, lol. In my head they were a little slicker. Probably I need sandpaper. I can bevel the edges.

Ooh! Oh! I can steal Macie's tonail thing she's terrified of. With the grinder drum! (grinder for dog-nails, which has never actually touched the dog because it makes her flee and hide).


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