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Jan. 16th, 2010 02:11 pm
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My mom called me and woke me up and let me know Macie was doing much better. She seems to have accepted her fate, and she's stopped fighting everything and everyone. She still hasn't eaten, but she's taking treats, so mom sent someone to get her canned wet food, which she'll probably take. She's adjusted to the strangeness and (our saving grace) fallen into her usual post-trauma behavior - she's definitely aware that if she is in distress, and we do something weird, we are trying to make it better. (she even comes to me when she has the hiccups and looks at me balefully until I fix it)

The really amazing news is, just as I was getting off the phone with her, mom said "do you want to come see her?"

I was dressed and in the car in less than five minutes. I haven't had a shower or eaten or even drunk anything yet today.


There was some consulting with the vets, and it was decided that she could be allowed out of the kennel if someone was willing to sit with her and keep her still. This is SO MUCH EASIER. I've got her right now, leashed in case she tries to get up, laying on her little memory foam bed, with a thick plush fleece blanket and several pillows. Her whole back end is shaved, as well as a band on her front leg for some reason I don't understand. Her visible wounds looks fantastic, and should heal very soon. It's the bone and ligament and screws and plate etc etc etc that are going to take so long.

I cannot express my joy at seeing this horribly put-upon expression:

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Macie's home from the hospital finally, but not having a happy time of it. She's in one of those awful cone collars and she hates it, and mom told me she's had a horrible time keeping her still. She's been absolutely terrified ever since she work up, and refuses to calm down. When dad got home, he managed to get her into her kennel (usually, she goes on command, but she seemed to sense something was up) and now she's shut up in there for the night.

I can't see her, because she's too excitable when they get visitors. She's got to stay in that damned kennel for two months. She's only supposed to be allowed out four times a day for ten minute potty breaks.

Anyway, to distract myself, I spent the afternoon and most of tonight making backgrounds.  The ones I'm sharing here are all from DC comics - mostly Adventure and the Batman: Masterpieces collection, but most of them have had considerable editing done to them above and beyond cropping them into shape (except for Krypto and The Bat), so I'd appreciate it if they didn't get reposted anywhere. That said, feel free to take what you like for your own use.

These are all 768x1366.

From Adventure Comics #3

From Batman Masterpieces

From Robin Annual #6
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I just got the call that Macie is out of surgery and in the ICU. Everything went well and she may come home as soon as tomorrow.

I won't be able to see her for a while though -  she has to stay as near to immobile as possible for two months, which means she can't be allowed to get excited and she has to stay in her kennel 24/7, except for a few potty breaks. She's going to be so miserable. No one's going to be able come to the house, and she won't be allowed to do anything. She's going to think she's punished and we don't love her anymore. ;_;

The recovery is going to be worse than the surgery. What's worse the doc says there's a good chance of this eventually happening to her *other* leg, so she may have to go through all of this again. And she'll have physio once she starts to recover more fully - though I'm kind of looking forward to seeing her on the underwater treadmill. Dad's been joking she did all this just to get to play in the whirlpool.

Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy and best wishes. I really appreciate your concern. ^_^ 

ETA: This is what they did to her today:


Jan. 14th, 2010 01:34 pm
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The vet school had a surprise opening, so Macie goes in for major surgery TODAY.

OH GOD MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I haven't updated since I posted the last bit of Kings, and a lot's happened. BGBFF came to town last Saturday and we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't read any Holmes since elementary or early middle school (I remember not liking it, probably because I was trying to read up in level a little too much) which is the only reason I didn't do my usual hatenewcanonhatehate movie thing. I know some people have loved the movie and other more hardcore Doyle fans have hated it, so I just want to say one thing in it's favor - It's gotten me interested in the books again. I'm on Baskervilles now, going more or less in order, and enjoying myself immensely. There may be a DC fusion in the planning stages.

Mom fell off a ladder on Thursday and broke her heel. Because she's mom, she was literally crawling around the house with a broken foot instead of asking for help (She did ask Macie to get her shoe when it fell off during the fall and landed under her (brand new) truck). Then she went to the doctor, finally, and discovered she had in fact broken something. She's wearing a boot now and chafing under the restriction of inactivity. The Siblings and I have been picking up the slack - Brother's done the shopping and I did all the cleaning this weekend and intend to bring her chili and homemade salsa verde tomorrow.

Macie blew her knee out early last week (the same one she's been having trouble with the ligament on, not the one that got nearly torn off by the alligator). She's been to the vet and she's going to have to have surgery, but the vet school won't take her for at least a month because they're backed up. She's limping horribly but, as always, does not seem to feel any pain. I swear she doesn't have pain nerves or something. Maybe if she were a little more sensitive, she wouldn't keep seriously injuring herself.

I'm currently working on another Kings installment, and something with Steph and Tim. And the fusion thing.  And replaying GTA:San Andreas. And, you know, working. A lot.

And...I've never done this before and I'm reluctant to do it now because he doesn't show up at all in Google so the minute I post this I will be the top response for anyone who searches for him, but I'm going to rec a piece of music by a local artist, because I know I have some Star Wars fans on my flist and because I adore everything I have heard by him. He goes by Shoelace, he's a hip hop artist here in Baton Rouge, and you can find at least a selection of his music here. He did a show this weekend that's got everybody talking. ^_^ I want his cd so bad. The primary song I'm reccing is "I Am Your Father," but all his stuff is fantastic.

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On the phone, tonight:

Dad: I need to tell you something. Are you sitting down? I have to preface this by saying she's okay, everyone's home safe.
Dad: I took Macie to the hunting camp today -

Wait. Stop. Because every time my dad has ever taken my poor dog to his hunting camp something horrible has happened to her. Snakebites, infections, concussions, ATV accidents. And every time we forbid him to take her there again and he never listens.

Dad: - and an alligator attacked her, but I managed to fight it off and get her back to the truck for first aid, and rushed her to the vet hospital and the wounds have been sutured and she's sedated for the pain but she's home and going to be okay.
Me: !!!
Dad: Your sister thought I should call you.

Okay, I know I joke about the alligators in the backyard, but that's really only been once or twice! (even if I did threaten to feed Caer to one for writing me into Jane Austen, that time). Ce n'est pas tout bon, y'all!
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Macie's been limping for a while. We thought it was hip pain (since labs so often have that problem - the price one pays for adaptation to water), but now that she's finally (FINALLY - there was some argument involved) been to the vet, he's pretty sure she's actually done something awful and inexplicable to her knee. He couldn't do an x-ray because he couldn't sedate her (she'd just had breakfast), so she's got to go back, but she does, at least, now have painkillers and anti-inflamatories. My poor baby.

On the principal that laughter is good medicine, I would like to share the most ridiculous picture of her that I have:

Facing the cruelty and perversity of humankind with quiet dignity. Or trying, anyway.


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