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Doing a bit of pimping/signal boosting. I have a friend, [ profile] starherd  , who is seeking commissions for cosplay and other sewing-type projects. She's very, very talented, and has made all sorts of wonderful things in the past.

She's still in the process of setting up shop and building a proper website, but for now, you can contact her through her journal, and view some of her past exploits here.

She also makes plushies, by the way. I've got one sitting on my bed right now, and I love him to bits.

Here are a few pics of some cosplay stuff she's done in the past (which always blow me out of the water).

awesome pictures behind cut )

Also ignore anything on her site that says she isn't doing commissions - she hasn't had time to fix everything yet.

Help Haiti

Jan. 16th, 2010 06:56 pm
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I'm slow to jump on the bandwagon (between recent family medical disasters and work ^_^;) but I'm making an offering on [ profile] help_haiti , in the lighting round, for wallpapers at $5 each.

So, if you liked the wallpapers I posted this morning, and you want to do your part to help (and get something nifty for your money), go reply here.

And as a special offer for my flist, since this kind of has to go on the honor system, I'll do you a wallpaper or maybe a drabble if you go donate blood. It's really, really needed right now. Supplies were short *before* the earthquake, because of the cold weather (people weren't out and about) and because the economy has forced cuts in staff in charitable organizations (anybody can volunteer to dish up soup but there are certain qualifications before they let you run a blood drive ^_^;)

For blood drive donations, just let me know here.
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[ profile] ms_duck is doing another aweseome Tim ficlet meme - this one with bonus crossdressing. If you'd like to see Timmy in a Dress, you should head on over!
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Time to do a little pimping, since I seem to have picked up some new friends and readers this week. I run the [ profile] dcx3 community, which is a home for DC threesome fic, and we have monthly challenges. I just extended last month's challenge, for a whole slew of reasons, and now it's running until November 15th. Come play with us! So far I'm the only one to write for the challenge, though I've been promised more by someone wonderful.

Batman seems to like the idea.

World's Finest Threesome
Since 1941, DC has been teaming up Bats, Robins, and Supers to save the day and sell copy. It's a formula that's endured for generations, and that has resulted in some of the best camp ever written. But this challenge isn't just about Golden Age Bruce/Clark/Dick (even though there can NEVER be enough of it)! Instead, feel free to take a little from Column A, a little from Column B, and, of course, from Column C.

The Challenge: Get a Bat, a Robin and a Super into a bed (or a relationship). See the table below for inspiration.

Challenge Requirements:
  • Submissions must contain a Bat, a Robin, and a Super, as defined here.
  • Fic, art, and poetry are all accepted
  • Fic must be a minimum of 500 words. Poems most total at least 9 lines (three haiku, two limericks, a sonnet, etc)
  • All entries must be posted (not just linked) to [info]dcx3 . Please review our posting and tagging guidelines.
  • All submissions must be posted by November 15th (you are, however, welcome to post World's Finest stuff at any time)
  • As always, porn is encouraged, but not required

There's a great big table here, with lists of all the Bats, Robins and Supers I could think of. If I'm missing anybody, be sure to let me know!
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[ profile] scifibigbang is making a call for artists. The goal is to get all the fics (which will be posted in December) illustrated, and right now about 30 stories, including mine and [ profile] aravistarkheena's, haven't been claimed.

If I finish Close to Home (my big bang) when I hope to finish it, then I'll probably be illustrating my own fic, but I'd be thrilled if someone were to claim me - or Bek, for that matter, whose fic sounds very interesting (and if I really, really finish early, I might draw for hers, too).

List of Claims Here

If anyone IS interested in drawing for me, let me know and I'll be as exhaustively descriptive as you could possibly want!

You know, it occurs to me, I don't think I've actually stated here, in more than vague terms, what my big bang claim was, so now's as good a time as any:

Title: Close to Home
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing/Characters: Kon-el, Tim Drake, cast of thousandsabout a dozen
Summary: A murder mystery at Smallville High drives Kon to brush up on his detective work - and his undercover skills. Good thing his best friend is kind of an expert at this stuff.

(There will be boys in tuxes on motorcycles, Kon picking vegetables in minimal clothing, school dance make-outs, and lots of other highly illustrate-able scenes! You want to draw for me! You really do!)


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