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Title: A Boy and His Dog
Characters: Tim, Kon (+ others)
Summary: “Man,” Dick says from his place on the floor. “He never let *me* have a dog.”
Warnings: Incredibly silly. Fairly tame.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4700
Summary: Totally for [ profile] batstalker , because she's awesome (also I was bribing her). And because she's awesome, look! Illustration!  (the story is actually based on the picture - and hours and hours of nonsense in chat)

more Kuppy art by batstalker

Tim's not even sure if he's housebroken. )
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Title: Subtext in Triptych
Characters: Cassie, Kon, Tim
Rating: pg-13
Words:  2400
Summary: Cassie, Tim, and Kon have it out, in various combination.
Note: For [ profile] kirax2 , because she’s awesome.

one, two, three )
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I did the 5 Acts kink meme in my last post. This post is to collect my responses (in fic form) to other people's posts.

Now, the meme gently suggests one ought to go look at other people's kink lists and write a ficlet to fit one or two of them.

I decided to go a step further. I hit up [ profile] shiny_glor_chan 's list of DCU participants, and I'm going down the line writing a ficlet for everyone I know, with ALL FIVE KINKS in it.


[ profile] rubynye , here
[ profile] shiny_glor_chan , here
[ profile] jokers_daughter  , here
[ profile] darthbatgirl , here far. Others coming up.

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[ profile] batstalker declared Kon-el Day the other day and I completely forgot to pimp it (bad Jessie!) but I did write for a couple of the prompts. (The "titles" are just the prompts, because I hate titling things)

Protection From Rainfall (Tim/Kon)
300 words, G

story )

art )

Hayloft (Tim/Kon)
200 words, g

story )

The Long Legs of the Law (Tim/Kon)
500 words, g

story )

art )

further foolishness, with more art )
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Keeping myself busy. [ profile] batstalker  requested some Matches/Alvin and some Brucie/Tim, and it made me remember how hilarious and awesome identity porn (or nonporn, as the case may be - I'm not good at porn shorter than a few thousand words) is. So... Help me think of ideas?

I want canon personas interacting in some way with either other characters or other canon personas. Matches and Alvin will demonstrate. Prompt me in the comments and I'll add the ficlets to the main post.

Matches/Alvin, classy hotel

cut for sleeeeeeaze )

Brucie/Tim- You dropped your fork, Tiger. (Except you didn't.)

oh look, more sleeeeeeaze )

Superman/Dick Grayson (not prompted, but Superman being hit on by teenagers is *hilarious*)

Is hitting on Superman at a charity function considered sleazy? I can never tell. )

Conner Kent, Steph Brown, and Tim Wayne (from Close to Home, though this isn't actually part of that story arc)

This one is totally high class. There's even champagne! )


This one is called Seize The Dick, which I think is *very* classy )

Gary Glanz/Dick Grayson

the hitchhiker and the dirty carnie )

Clark Kent and Matches Malone

A mild mannered reporter walks into a bar )


Mar. 8th, 2010 10:11 pm
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I wasn't going to post these tonight, because they aren't porn, but I'm not good at waiting while [ profile] kirax2 fills in her bits of Pornchat, so I'm going to go ahead and do this now.

Certain friends of mine have been very busy and haven't been able to participate properly in porn day. They've also been kind of shafted, since everything I've posted so far has been squicky for [ profile] faile_neume and has too little Jason in it for [ profile] shiny_glor_chan...

I put a *lot* of effort into porn, because I feel like if I don't there's not much point to it. There's still one more piece coming from [ profile] kirax2  and I - we're trying to get an ending for it now. But after that, I'm going to pass out, because PORNDAY IS EXHAUSTING. Seriously folks. 3 porns in 36 hours. I am very tired.

But I wanted to do something for my poor neglected friends. ^_^ So I made them some nonporn.


Third Time's The Charm


cut )



Funhouse Mirror


cut )





cut )


(this title has nothing to do with the story, but I told *someone* to give me a title in return for writing her a story, and that is what she picked, so there it stays BECAUSE SOMEONE DOESN'T TAKE THING SERIOUSLY! This is what I'm talking about! You never actually listen to me! I can't take it anymore, it's all about you! It's just take, take, take, take! What about my feelings, what about me?)

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Title: Entrapment
Staring: Officer Richard Grayson of the BPD and one Timothy Jackson Drake, perfectly normal teenage boy.
Rating: NC-17 (for dirty, dirty porn)
Warnings/enticements: Role play, uniform kink, bondage, dominance play, public sex, rimming, object insertion, um. bukakke. Anything else?
Summary: If an officer of the law clocks you going sixty over the limit, you probably shouldn't call him a dick. Even if that's his name.
Wordcount: 5k
Note: This was written for an ANONYMOUS PERVERT for [ profile] hh_kink. If said ANONYMOUS PERVERT would like to step up and admit culpability, feel free. ^_~ However it must be said that I took the prompt and *ran* with it - though I was dared to do so by my ANONYMOUS PERVERT friend. I feel we share the blame. As usual.

No, really. This is *porn*. )

Now with a sequel here: Upping the Ante
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] sammage_art! [ profile] sammage_art  and I love you, we wrote you porn. [ profile] kirax2  wishes to reserve the right to change the title if we come up with something that doesn't make her cringe at my silliness.
"More Ra's/Tim on ze' interwebz would be amazing."  )
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I've been in a slump since the last fic I posted, barely writing anything at all, just adding a few hundred words to some existing projects. Then today, I got back from taking T to school and climbed into bed for a nap and opened up my laptop to see if [ profile] kirax2 had finished some fic she'd promised me, and I happened to see that today was rarepair day on [ profile] comment_fic, and I kind of got trapped.

I wrote:
Conner/Tim for [ profile] darthbatgirl
Dick/Bernard for [ profile] munnin_odanin
Dick/Jimmy for [ profile] museofspeed and
Bruce/Connor for [ profile] dixid

I prompted Tim/Shiva, Tim/Connor, and Tim/Ives. Somebody go prove you love me!

I wrote this whole post before but LJ ate most of it because apparently they still haven't figured out how to handle underscores in usernames. >.< I coded by hand, this time, we'll see how it does.
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Title: Waiting Up
Rating: G
Wordcount: 364
Summary: Even before he was Robin, Alfred couldn't keep him out of the cave. For [ profile] shiny_glor_chan's blanket meme.

Waiting Up )
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[ profile] kirax2 is amazing and wonderful and awesome! How wonderful and awesome is she? Not only did she send me TWO amazing amazing wonderful omg I'm so happy I can't finish a sentence books (Poems and The Dove with the Bough of Olive, both by Dunstan Thompson), she also wrote me amazing beautiful wonderful fic for this poem, which is my favorite in the world (and by the author of the books above):


This tall horseman, my young man of Mars,
Scatters the gold dust from his hair, and takes
Me to pieces like a gun. The myth forsakes
Him slowly. Almost mortal, he shows the scars
Where medals of honor, cut-steel stars,
Pin death above the heart. But bends, but breaks
In his hand, my love, whose wrecked machinery makes
Time, the inventor, weep through a world of wars.
Guilt like a rust enamels me. I breed
A poison not this murdering youth may dare
In one drop of blood to battle. No delight
Is possible. Only at parting do we need
Each other; together, we are not there
At all. Love, I farewell you out of sight.

 - Dunstan Thompson
   "This Tall Horseman, My Young Man of Mars"
   From Lament for the Sleepwalker

I seriously love this guy's poetry. And now that I have three of his (I think) four books, I'm going to have to look into scan-to-texting at least some of it for public consumption, because it really can't be had online, and that is a damned dirty shame.

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My self-imposed moratorium on fic writing other than my big bang has lasted a spectacular two weeks.

I hadn't even been looking at [ profile] comment_fic, because I knew the temptation it presented, but I saw today's theme (wearing my clothes) and knew I was a goner. I had to go post some prompts - and then I had to write something, because prompting without writing is bad manners.

So I wrote something - Something about Tim in Kon's old jacket, for [ profile] darthbatgirl.

I'd already failed last night, when a discussion with [ profile] faile_neume resulted in a short AU (now FOUR short AUs on a theme, and as soon as I get one more I'm posting them - here's hoping I can bang it out in the next two hours because that's all the time I've got tonight)

ETA: aaand one for [ profile] faile_neume, with a Zat In a Hat


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