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Since there are now THREE ARTISTS who have been wonderful and fantastic and amazing and graced us with beautiful art for the Kitten verse, I'm making a post to collect it all.

The 'verse was started by [ profile] iambickilometer, with Kitten, and continued when [ profile] kirax2 and I couldn't keep our hands off of it and had to write a (se?pre?)quel, Sex Kitten.

pictures ahoy )

In addition, I would just like to say that I am bored and can't make up my mind about what project I ought to be working on, so the first person to come keep me company in chat gets to pick XD. My contact info is in my profile.
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[ profile] batstalker declared Kon-el Day the other day and I completely forgot to pimp it (bad Jessie!) but I did write for a couple of the prompts. (The "titles" are just the prompts, because I hate titling things)

Protection From Rainfall (Tim/Kon)
300 words, G

story )

art )

Hayloft (Tim/Kon)
200 words, g

story )

The Long Legs of the Law (Tim/Kon)
500 words, g

story )

art )

further foolishness, with more art )
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Because [ profile] sammage_art is wonderful and amazing, she drew me a beautiful illustration of a particular scene in chapter 11 of Close to Home. Not only is the picture spoilery for the story, it won't make any sense if you don't read the story first.

It's so lovely, though. I think it was worth all the drama and anxiety that came with writing this fic, just to get a present like this! Thank you so much Sam!

May Contain Boykissing )


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