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I have spent the last hour or so SPAMMING EVERYONE!  I have also notified the [ profile] monitor_duty peeps.

Mass crossposting feels weeeird. I'm the last six entries on my own flist.
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I just opened the doors on [ profile] dcx3 , a new community for DCU threesomes.


(also, I have never opened a comm before. Where can I pimp it?)
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I just finished pulling all the threesome fics off the dcfic_index. The total came to 119 entries. My timing is excellent for once, because the library computers shut down in about ten minutes.

Time for fun with statistics! Out of 119 entries:
  • m/m/m: 66
  • m/m/f: 41
  • m/f/f: 12
  • f/f/f: ONE MEASLY FIC! Once I get the comm up and running, I think I know what the first challenge will be... 
Also, Tim is in 83 of the fics, beating out Dick by a 32 point margin. Bruce and Roy are tied. I find that very, very funny, for some reason. The most popular trio is Bart/Kon/Tim, with 31 fics (and Bart is only in four fics outside this trio). Steph took the top female slot with 14 fics. Cass is behind her with 10, and then Babs with 8.

Will someone please check my format for me? Pretty please?
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I'm working on my Big Damned List of DCU Threesome Fics And Art, and I just realized I've broken 50 entries. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg, but now seemed like a good time to stop for a moment and ask if someone would like to look at the list for me and make sure my formatting and organization makes sense to someone other than me.

I'm trying to make it very, very organized. I'm using delicious, which means I can go a little more in-depth than if I were using, say, LJ memories. The list has its own account, which will make it easy to deputize people if I get any volunteers. As I said in my previous post, I'm working through the old [ profile] dcfic_index  as a starting point. I'm cleaning up as I go, removing dead links and anything that's flocked. Once I get to the end, I'll move on to other sources. Obviously I'll be looking at all the big comms, like [ profile] batfic  and [profile] titans_together If I'm in the comm, assume I'll be trawling the archives for fic. If there's anywhere you think I should look that I'm not already a member of, let me know.

Anyway, the list is here. If you do check it out, please leave me a bit of feedback about how the organization works for you. You might even find yourself on the list. ^_~

Also, I need to make myself OT3 icons that don't have turtles in them. ^_^;

ETA: I just hit 60, and the library computers shut down in a few minutes, and also the computer is blocking [profile] amarin_rose's journal all of a sudden so I can't start on the Cass fics (if I skip one, I'll never remember to go back for it  >.< ), so I think I'm done collating for the night. Who wants statistics!?

Out of 60 fics,  43 are m/m/m, 11 are m/m/f, 4 are m/f/f, one is f/f/f I forgot to tag one. Conclusion: There need to be more Birds of Prey threesomes. 

So far: Tim is winning, Followed by Bart, Kon, and Bruce. To be fair, I'm in the Cs, and There was a lot of Bart/Kon/Tim (which is so far the most common trio). Babs is currently sweeping the women's division. There have been five sex pollen fics. Only one fic had tentacles.
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If I were to, say, set up a DCU threesome community, would anyone join?

I may possibly be a few dozen fics into a GIANT COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF THREESOME FIC as well. Possibly.


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