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Finally got the first bit of Kira's birthday present out. HAPPY REALLY LATE BIRTHDAY BABY! 

Characters and rating are for this part only.

Title: The Case of the Ancient Cup (part one)
Characters: Clark, Bruce, Alfred, Jimmy
Rating: G
Summary: Being a Reprint from the Reminiscences of Clark J. Kent, late of the British Diplomatic Mission to Afghanistan
Notes: Written for: [ profile] kirax2 's birthday, and [ profile] au_bingo (prompt: detectives). Kira likes Bruce and Clark. Kira likes Sherlock Holmes. This was the logical result.

Part one here )
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Title: Simple Answers
Author: [ profile] iesika
Rating: G
Words: 2900
Summary: Alfred always knows just what to say.
Notes: This fic follows [ profile] kirax2's Complicated Questions and won't make sense without reading that first. Both titles come from a Dr. Seuss quote: "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." The stories are birthday presents for [ profile] iambickilometer, who inspired the concept with this essay. I want to thank him for really making me stop and think about gender in a way I hadn't before - there's nothing like writing your way into a character's head to make you *really* consider what it would be like to walk in their shoes. (Also fills [ profile] au_bingo prompt Alternate History: Personal Life Changed).

story here )
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I signed up for [ profile] au_bingo

Here is my card )

Wish me luck!


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