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I'm back! The weekend was rather less emotionally devastating than I was fearing - score one for the power of tiny children as distractions.

It rained a lot Saturday, so we didn't get to do as much boating  as we would have liked, but Friday night we had a ridiculous mini-rave in the living room and Saturday there was a game of Minute to Win It.

Got to catch up with the branch of the family who have oil foam in their yards right now. CNN interviewed one of my cousins (who runs a pushboat company), which I'd known about, but I'd somehow missed the fact that another cousin was interviewed on NPR despite HAVING HEARD THE INTERVIEW. I caught about half of it and thought "Wow, that really sounds like Peg-Leg Pete. Haha, everyone in Burris sounds the same." ^_^;;;

My cousin's name is not actually Pete, by the way, but that's how he refers to himself. Because of the peg leg. Oh god, family, how are you so ridiculous.
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Haven't posted, written, or been on chat much for the last week or two. I'm kind of brain dead at the moment, for whatever reason, and having a lot of trouble sleeping, besides.

Won't be around this weekend, because it's the family reunion we host every year. Normally I look forward to this *a lot*, as I adore my extended family and we always have lots of fun and great food and I get to tickle tiny people and sit around in rockers on the porch drinking tea and mojitos with my aunts and uncles and cousins.

This year, though... well. My grandmother passed away in March. I'm still pretty much devastated. She was probably my favorite person in the world, and definitely the last person I still expected to love me, unconditionally. Spending the weekend surrounded by her descendants without her holding court from a porch rocker is going to be really hard. What's worse, I anticipate people trying to talk to me about her, or possibly making speeches. I'm too raw for this. It's going to be like rubbing glass into a wound.

Well, that was kind of a downer. This was just supposed to be a post to explain my absence, not to dump all over my flist. Here's hoping I'm feeling more motivated to write, next week.
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I started back to school this morning. I'm attending full time, and have drastically reduced my work week to two afternoons and Saturdays. I'm still at the community college, which is only a moderately long walk from my house.

The big news, really, is that I've finally admitted to my parents that I have no desire whatsoever to go into the health care industry. None at all. I am no more interested in nursing now than I was at the beginning of last semester (and if anything, I like the idea even less).  I'm finally taking classes again for something that I WANT to do - that is, teaching. Teaching science, more specifically. I'm so excited! Even if it does mean I have to take another math (which looks like it won't be too bad, actually. My teacher seems pretty cool, and I have, at the very least, never actively HATED trig the way I've hated a lot of other branches of math). I'm really excited about Bio class because my teacher was really excited about biology in general - she went on a bit today about how beautiful and magnificent biology is, and people were rolling their eyes, but I was all like "Amen, sister!" Dr. Bio is also currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, but her prognosis is good and she's supposed to be done by March. I really like her, at least so far.

All my classes are MWF except for labs, which are T & R mornings. I'm out on MWF by 2 and done with school by noon on T & R. I have one more class this afternoon, and then I get to go home.  I'll probably take two classes this summer

And speaking of cancer - [profile] moonypadlover will be the only one on my flist who's actually met him, but I think I've mentioned my cousin with colon cancer before (the one with the twin toddlers and adorable 5 year old girl). He's recovering fairly well from his colostomy (what his daughter calls his 'poo-poo bag surgery') but hasn't resumed chemo yet. We aren't entirely sure he will. He's getting around pretty well at the moment, but he's not really expected still be here for our family reunion in May. He and his wife celebrated their 10th anniversary on Friday.

I spent Saturday and Sunday up in North Louisiana (Monroe, Bastrop, and Rayville) visiting lots of folks, in particular Granny and Aunt G (the above cousin's mother). On Saturday evening, I was at a 90th birthday party for Mammaw D, who I'm not related to at all (She's my Dad's brother's wife's mother) but whom I adore. She drove herself to the party, was wearing two inch heels and a cute skirt, and complained about her son asking her again to retire and leave him the family business. She told him that he wasn't too old to be taken over her knee (he's nearly 70). Aunt W and Uncle B were there, as was Cousin H and his girlfriend. I brought Cousin H a kingcake to take back to DC (He's with the Smithsonian now, as is the girlfriend. He just did a privately commissioned restoration on a Picasso, which I thought was very neat). A good time was had by all.

Also, there is no word in the English language for the relationship between the parents of a married couple, let alone at a double remove, but  Mammaw D (Dad's brother's wife's mother) invited Granny (Mom's mom) to the party (though she did not attend for reason's of poor health). Mammaw D also sent us home with a huge floral arrangement (her business is a wholesale florist supply place) for Granny, which was very sweet and made Granny cry.
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My computer is working again! Sister's boyfriend (aka Practically Brother-in-Law), who does computer-related work of some sort, stole it out of my closet and brought it to the shop, and fixed it, and brought it back, all without my noticing. ^_^; That's the good news. The stupid news is that apparently I set a password for it (though I don't remember doing so) and now I have absolutely no idea what it is. My computer's been broken for about a year, now, so I've had a good long time to forget it. 

The bad news - Two of my relatives went into the hospital yesterday, for completely unrelated reasons. My cousin with is having a colostomy, which requires he stop cancer treatments until he heals.My uncle went into the hospital for a sleep study, and his heart went crazy and they had to bring him down to the emergency room. He seems to be fine, now, though.
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Back from Bastrop. Uncle Tom passed Friday not long after I posted, before I'd even left the house. The funeral was this morning. Thanks to those who've expressed their sympathy. I do appreciate it.
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I found out last night that my Uncle Tom, who has been in the hospital or hospice since Thanksgiving,  has been refusing dialysis since Monday.  This is not a great surprise, as he is a proud man who has always done for himself, and being bedridden for most of a year can't be pleasant for anyone.

He has a grown son who I think will be alright, an ex wife that I don't think has been to see him, and a wife who has sat by his bed every night and held his hand. He lost a son, some years ago, which is what caused the split with his ex, and he's said he's looking forward to seeing him in heaven where they can finally talk man to man (Justin had severe cerebral palsy, and could not speak.  When he was 15, he caught pneumonia, and he could not cough).

Granny, though, is devastated. She keeps telling us she's at peace with this and doesn't want him to suffer, but I know my Granny, and she is not ok (and who could be, with their oldest son dying?) I am going to drive up and sleep on her couch for a while, and take her places to keep her spirits up,  and just sit and hug her, or whatever it is she needs. I am perfectly prepared to drop everything and move to Bastrop if I don't think she should be alone. She is nearly ninety and lives alone (in an assisted living facility that she loves and where she has tons of friends, I wouldn't take her from there), and she doesn't know it, but one of my cousins is also dying (colon cancer - he has a wife and three children, including a set of twins that are just over a year old).

Granny is just about my favorite person in the world. She was born in 1919 and has been quirky and offbeat and irrepressible from the very beginning. She also has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. She's the kind of person who cries when she watches the news and sees that someone has been killed at war, or in a traffic accident, because that's someone's baby. I am so afraid that loosing her own baby will kill her. I can't loose her. Granny has to live forever. It's in her contract.

Thinking about death all last night and all this morning led me to come downstairs and give my mother an express wish for my own funeral, should it occur during her lifetime. I told her everyone has to wear a funny hat. She burst into tears and hugged me.

10th Annual

Jun. 8th, 2007 03:42 pm
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I'm about to go incommunicado for the weekend, as sixty or so relatives from my mother's side descend upon our cabin on the Tickfaw for the 10th Annual Kinnaird Family (mini) Reunion. The Real Reunion includes descendants of all of my grandfather's 9 brothers and sisters - this is a smaller group of just his and Uncle Red's kids (Uncle Red is the guy who refused to leave his house in Bel Chase during or after Katrina and had to be forcibly evacuated by his son and a local deputy). The grand irony is, Papa passed about 8 years ago and Uncle Red has never been to a reunion - we haven't invited him since the first year, when my Aunt Laverne divorced him at the age of 76, largely because he tried to prevent her coming.

Unlike most family reunions, this one is very enjoyable. We tend to do things like host drag pageants and giant themed scavenger hunts (Mom and I are up to our ears in pirate themed stuff for the kids this year, including a full-sized homemade Jolly Rodger we're intending to run up the flagpole).

And the food is to die for. I'll be posting recipes when I get back. 


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