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Just a reminder, for anyone interested, or anyone who maybe didn't see my post before.

I'm auctioning 10,000 words of DC fanfic for [ profile] help_japan . The bidding is currently up to $150

I'm thrilled and flattered XD. I didn't expect the bid to go so high! (I was kind of scared that no-one would bid at all, actually.)

The bidding closes on the 31st, just in case anyone's looking to challenge the current bid-holder...

*flails around a little*

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Quick, someone tell me I'm not insane.

I've been meaning to post to [ profile] help_japan, and didn't get around to it until just now. In a moment of bravado... I offered 10,000 words of DC fanfiction for auction.

My Auction

That's right, folks. I am offering 10,000 (up to 15,000!) words. I would much, much appreciate it if, if you're not personally interested in placing a bid, you help me get the word around to those you think might be.

User Name: [ profile] iesika
Email address:
AIM: jessieiesika
Gtalk: jessie.iesika

You can see things I've created at: My fic list.

I am offering: 10,000 words (This is a lot. It may take me a while ^_^;)

Fandoms (if appropriate): DC Comics (NOT movies, or animated, except Batman: Under the Red Hood)

Additional Info: Het, Slash, Femslash and/or Gen, I will pair pretty much anybody with anybody if I feel I am familiar enough with their characters. That includes anything from Morrison's Batman & Robin, because I'm not reading it ^_^;. Obscure characters/pairings okay. Porn highly encouraged (I won't do outright rape, slavery, blood or scat, or characters under 13)

What I know best: Batfamily, young DC (YJ, Titans, etc), JLI, Starman, Manhunter, Birds of Prey.

Starting Bid (in USD): $20

SPECIAL BONUS: If you donate through a matching partner (Crunchyroll, an employer, or other) I'll throw in 5,000 more words. This can be the same fic, or another, shorter one.
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Time to do a little pimping, since I seem to have picked up some new friends and readers this week. I run the [ profile] dcx3 community, which is a home for DC threesome fic, and we have monthly challenges. I just extended last month's challenge, for a whole slew of reasons, and now it's running until November 15th. Come play with us! So far I'm the only one to write for the challenge, though I've been promised more by someone wonderful.

Batman seems to like the idea.

World's Finest Threesome
Since 1941, DC has been teaming up Bats, Robins, and Supers to save the day and sell copy. It's a formula that's endured for generations, and that has resulted in some of the best camp ever written. But this challenge isn't just about Golden Age Bruce/Clark/Dick (even though there can NEVER be enough of it)! Instead, feel free to take a little from Column A, a little from Column B, and, of course, from Column C.

The Challenge: Get a Bat, a Robin and a Super into a bed (or a relationship). See the table below for inspiration.

Challenge Requirements:
  • Submissions must contain a Bat, a Robin, and a Super, as defined here.
  • Fic, art, and poetry are all accepted
  • Fic must be a minimum of 500 words. Poems most total at least 9 lines (three haiku, two limericks, a sonnet, etc)
  • All entries must be posted (not just linked) to [info]dcx3 . Please review our posting and tagging guidelines.
  • All submissions must be posted by November 15th (you are, however, welcome to post World's Finest stuff at any time)
  • As always, porn is encouraged, but not required

There's a great big table here, with lists of all the Bats, Robins and Supers I could think of. If I'm missing anybody, be sure to let me know!
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So, the Ladies' Choice challenge, the first challenge for [ profile] dcx3 and also the first challenge I've ever held, ended yesterday. The master list just went up here. We got five fics! I think that's pretty good for a brand new community!

But we'll do even better this time around, right guys? Right? Please? Because I, personally, happen to think the challenge premise is AWESOME!

I really want to repost it here, but lj's table formatting really, really sucks. I've been fighting it for kind of a while now, trying to make the post look decent. Come and see! If nothing else, maybe you can help me think of a Super I forgot. I really don't know enough about the Supers.
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We're having a challenge over at [info]dcx3.

You should totally come check it out.


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While digging in my glovebox for something this morning, I found a folded up piece of typing paper that turned out to be the beginning (I think) of a HP fanfic. It is in my handwriting, but I don't remember writing it. The best part, though, is that my little one page selection is a total cliffhanger, and it's really bugging me now not knowing where the hell I was going with it. It appears to have been written before DH came out. I TOTALLY do not remember writing this. Looks good, though. I've been amusing myself trying to figure out what was about to happen. When I sat down at the computer (I'm between classes) I had the intention of typing it out and asking everyone to fill in the blank - only I seem to have left my mystery fic in my bio notebook in the car. I guess I'll do that after I get home.  (ETA: Snippit found and typed)



And that is, apparently, all she (I) wrote. I don't know whether Harry is dying or impotent or has some weird magic clue at all. So my question is this - what potion? Somebody give me an answer!


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