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I told T last week that we were going to paint pumpkins this week, and she remembered. Yesterday, she was asking me about pumpkins, and then today she saw the little pumpkins her mom picked up for us and FLIPPED OUT! I've never seen her so enthusiastic about anything that didn't involve a movie theater.

Anyway, we had two pumpkins. That lasted, like, half an hour, so we went to the farmers' market, where the tiny pumpkins were two for a dollar, and we bought A BAZILLION PUMPKINS.

They're all piled on the table here and T's got paint up to her elbows, and the green cd is playing, and I doubt she's ever been so happy in her life.

On a related semi-related note - her sister is at the Hannah Montana concert (T doesn't handle crowds and noise AT ALL, let alone WELL), and I am babysitting off the books after my usual shift until they come home - probably in the wee hours.

What does this mean for you?

I've got computer access ALL NIGHT LONG, BABY!

If anyone wants to talk to me, I'm on AIM as tinkerbom and google chat as jessie.iesika. AND WILL BE FOR MANY HOURS.

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Rather unexpectedly, I have an entire week off. T went to camp (her parents didn't tell me she was going this week until last Friday), and my Wednesday afternoon client is going out of town for two weeks. I worked two full shifts this weekend, and I'll have two full shifts next weekend, but damn is my paycheck going to be hurting.

On the other hand, the free time is nice. I'm spending all day today at the university library (much greater freedom of usage than the public one) working on the Super Sekrit bonus fic, which I can't seem to finish because it just keeps growing. It's not even that long - it's just jam-packed with stuff and implications and history. It's kind of gotten epic. Seriously, this story spans comics from before A Lonely Place of Dying (1989 arc which introduced Tim as a character), right through Battle for the Cowl (which just concluded). The fic is due today, which is a damned shame, because I want to keep adding to it. There are six more parts in my head which want to go into the middle places, and I still haven't finished the absolutely necessary bit with Ariana because I hate her creepy, codependent guts.

I think, after I finish this story, (if I ever finish it) I will probably get cracking on the mega-posting scans series that's been living in my head since forever. I can't put it on scans_daily - or at least not the whole thing - because it will require panels from Young Justice, which is off-limits there due to creator request. The topic of this posting series? "Timmy is crazy," with supporting examples and arguement. I have folders of the stuff collected already, and now Red Robin is out - and I need to review that this week, too.

Okay, enough stalling, time to get back to work. Stupid creepy codependent clingy bimbo won't write herself!

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Okay, it was actually a CPR training dummy that just looked creepily like JFK, but whatever.

I don't think I've announced it here - I have a new job, with Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services, which is a not-for-profit here in Baton Rouge which provides all kinds of social services. I'm going to be working with young women with downs syndrome, or on the higher-function end of the autism spectrum. I'm about a week into my training, and so far? GCTFS seems like the BEST WORKPLACE EVER. Everyone is extremely sweet and friendly, and very civicly concerned and active (there are all sorts of charity "teams" within the organization for charity walk/runs and and volunteer weekends, etc). I think I'm going to like it a lot.
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Went to the neuro-opthamologist today, who was unable to tell me anything conclusive but had 10 vials of blood drawn for various tests. She was very nice, though, and answered all my questions that could be answered at this point. I went to her on my usual eye-guy's referral, and had to drive waaaay out to the outskirts of town, almost to Scottlandville. The hospital was really neat, though - it's in a rather poor, predominantly black part of town (Baton Rouge has been a predominantly black city for quite some time now, but it's very segregated, and nearly all recent development and expansion projects have been in the more affluent white parts of town). What makes it really cool, though, is that it's a co-op. The hospital is owned by the doctors who work there - who are mostly young black professionals. My doctor, for example, is one of four M.D. sisters who own a stake in the building. The area needed a hospital, and nobody wanted to invest, so the doctors got together and did it themselves. I learned all this from a series of posters and photos in the halls and waiting room, which made for much more interesting reading than the out-of-date Parent magazines. 

Before and after the doctor thing, I was at the bakery boxing hundreds of pies for Thanksgiving. This might have sucked more if they hadn't informed me halfway through the day that I got to pick two of the pies and take them home. Yay for free pie! I got a pumpkin cheesecake (omg so delicious!) for my birthday, too, so I'm making off pretty good. All the goodies will be traveling up to Bastrop (or Rayville, not sure yet, probably depends on my cousin's chemo schedule) for the holiday. I picked a strawberry-cream-cheese and a key lime pie. They are also, apparently, giving us a turkey and a bottle of wine for xmas. This would be more exciting if I ate meat or drank wine.

As for mad urges - aside from my mad urge to play Oblivion again (which I can't really do, because my computer is broken, and the one I get to use doesn't even have the DVD drive required to load the game, let alone the horsepower to play it), I was thinking today about how desperately I would like to write something, and how little time and, apparently, ability I have currently got for such. Everytime I sit down to write something, I go blank, and it's killing me. So I'm going to babble a bit about the story in my head right now in the hopes that this way I can't forget about it by the time I have a moment to myself. Feel free to not read it. It's pure ramble/brainstorm.

ETA: For the love of Pete, eljay, how many times does your crappy spellcheck need to tell me that you don't know what a Lupin is?
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Okay, so, Change of plans. Looks like I won't be going to Yaoi-con this year. Finances and other things will not permit, unfortunately. 

The big news is that I start class today, for the first time in a while. I'm taking prerequisite courses to get into an accelerated nursing program. I've also quit my job at the drug research place, as of today, and am looking for something new, hopefully in the medical field (even if it's just reception or something). I'm at the library now, filling out electronic applications. I couldn't handle my crazy, unprofessional bosses and lack of training for what I was being asked to do. 

On a related note, anyone have any idea if you are legally obliged to report a company's highly fishy accounting practices and similar if you work there? I'm out, but the girl who does accounts is still there (though planning to leave), and she's starting to get a bit worried. It's partially thanks to her that I'm getting out now. She's uncovered all kinds of nasty things in their back files. The one that made me quit, though, was the fact they didn't pay their company health policy for several months last year, and everyone's coverage was canceled, but they didn't tell their employees. Since I was mostly there for the insurance anyway (which I would have been eligible for at the end of the month) it didn't seem worth it anymore.

God, Boss #1 was a shit, too. I'm not going to blab on, but really, the man's a shit.


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