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I can't believe I am the first on on my flist on this. Especially since I just woke up.

Superboy is going solo!

Cautiously optimistic?
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Previews of Adventure Comics #1 went up, and already something posited in my Big Bang fic is disproven. It probably doesn't seem like much, but it effectively erases one of my favorite parts of the story and storytelling.

One page and some commentary under the cut. Technically this is spoilery. Also the book doesn't come out til August. )
On the other hand, it's nice to see what the letter jackets look like. I'm absolutely torn over this comic, because I both want it to have an awesome and vibrant supporting cast, and I'm afraid of it having a significant supporting cast because that interferres with my supporting cast. But I want the book to be awesome! *tears hair*

I want to talk about the Red Robin #2 previews, but I haven't talked about Red Robin #1 yet, and I told myself I was going to spend today's library time working on Close To Home. Can I just say GO BUY RED ROBIN, and leave it at that for now? Oh my GOD I'm loving this comic. Red Robin is exactly the opposite of what happens when a writer who is unfamiliar with a character takes over a book. EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.


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