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Title: Snap
Characters/Pairing: Tim, Dick
Rating: PG
Prompt: Tim(/author's choice), why Tim doesn't take photographs anymore.
Notes: For [ profile] the_protagonist  on the anniversary of her birth. <3

Snap, snap, snap goes the shutter in Tim's brain )
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I am home safe, and Granny is stable and under care, though not out of the woods, and *distressingly* depressed. She was ready to stop taking all of her meds, on Thursday when mom and my aunt had to talk her into going to the hospital (she didn't want to go and it took hours to convince her). Stopping her meds would be suicide, and almost certainly guarantee a stroke and a painful death. We could get her to perk up temporarily and she was reasonably alert and engaged and quick with the snappy comebacks, and she flirted mercilessly with a married man (a good friend of hers - this is par for the course with Granny) but we know she's not herself because she didn't attempt to adopt her young and attractive male hospitalist (though he was a fan of the wrong college sports team, so maybe that was it).

Anyway, home for now. There's not much I can do. I wanted to stay at least one more day, but I wasn't driving. Mom is home too and will go back up on Tuesday - I have two aunts, two uncles, and a cousin on duty, and three tiny cousins (her great grandchildren) on cheer up rotation. We're really really hoping that once the drugs we think are making her depressed are out of her system she will recover. In addition to that, she's got fluid build-up *everywhere*, especially her legs and heart, and an infection in one lung.

Probably this is all TMI, I don't know. I just didn't feel like repeating myself in chat a bunch, and now I can point people here. ^_^; 

I distracted myself this morning by writing. Here is the result:

Tim/Kon ficlet )


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