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Title: Five Tims That Weren't
Rating/Warnings: character death, otherwise nothing explicit
Summary: This is a collection of five AUs which divert from Tim's canon history when he's about nine or ten. Some are happier than others.


1. That Boy Needs Therapy )

2. Partners In Crime )

3. Planidium Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It )

4. It's Always The Quiet Ones )

5. The Intended Effect )

Note: Partners in Crime is now part of a series called Kings Among Runaways, by myself and [ profile] kirax2, and kirax2 also wrote an AMAZING sequel to It's Always the Quiet Ones called Sentence. It is short and bitter and will BLOW YOUR MIND.
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Title: Peek Not Through a Keyhole
Author: [personal profile] iesika  
Summary: Five Times Bernard Dowd Did Not Eavesdrop on Tim Drake. Sort of.
Continuity/Spoilers: After Robin: Unmasked, through War Games. Dick’s presence is handwavy, because apparently he has the superpower of being in three places at once. If the writers can do it, so can I.
Warnings: Kon is a potty mouth. Bernard has a dirty mind.
Length: 3,000 words

In which Tim is uncharacteristically unobservant. Blame it on stress. Poor woobie. This started as a silly little five things fic about innuendo and Bernard’s dirty little mind, but then it decided to get serious on me. Title comes from Salem's Lot. This gets the new Wire Cage Monkeys icon, because Tim is a Wire Cage Monkey.


Peek Not Through a Keyhole

Peek behind the cut instead )
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I'm at work and have nothing to do (my boss has taken a day off without warning us and there are no patients today) so after tidying a bit, I sat down and actually wrote a short piece of fanfiction - the first, probably, in about three years.  I had originally intended for it to be a '5 things' fic, but I couldn't really think of a 5th thing. It is very gen, and probably tooth-destroying in it's saccharine-ness. Two of the ficlets have been living in my head since about book 3 (Father Christmas and the walk home, the latter being my favorite).

Title: Four Things That Happened to Harry Potter When He Was Six Years Old (At Least One of Which He Will Later Be Sure He Must Have Imagined)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating/Warnings: Gen, and very sappy at that.
Summary: See title

If you spot any grammatical errors, etc. I would appreciate you letting me know.




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