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I haven't updated since I posted the last bit of Kings, and a lot's happened. BGBFF came to town last Saturday and we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't read any Holmes since elementary or early middle school (I remember not liking it, probably because I was trying to read up in level a little too much) which is the only reason I didn't do my usual hatenewcanonhatehate movie thing. I know some people have loved the movie and other more hardcore Doyle fans have hated it, so I just want to say one thing in it's favor - It's gotten me interested in the books again. I'm on Baskervilles now, going more or less in order, and enjoying myself immensely. There may be a DC fusion in the planning stages.

Mom fell off a ladder on Thursday and broke her heel. Because she's mom, she was literally crawling around the house with a broken foot instead of asking for help (She did ask Macie to get her shoe when it fell off during the fall and landed under her (brand new) truck). Then she went to the doctor, finally, and discovered she had in fact broken something. She's wearing a boot now and chafing under the restriction of inactivity. The Siblings and I have been picking up the slack - Brother's done the shopping and I did all the cleaning this weekend and intend to bring her chili and homemade salsa verde tomorrow.

Macie blew her knee out early last week (the same one she's been having trouble with the ligament on, not the one that got nearly torn off by the alligator). She's been to the vet and she's going to have to have surgery, but the vet school won't take her for at least a month because they're backed up. She's limping horribly but, as always, does not seem to feel any pain. I swear she doesn't have pain nerves or something. Maybe if she were a little more sensitive, she wouldn't keep seriously injuring herself.

I'm currently working on another Kings installment, and something with Steph and Tim. And the fusion thing.  And replaying GTA:San Andreas. And, you know, working. A lot.

And...I've never done this before and I'm reluctant to do it now because he doesn't show up at all in Google so the minute I post this I will be the top response for anyone who searches for him, but I'm going to rec a piece of music by a local artist, because I know I have some Star Wars fans on my flist and because I adore everything I have heard by him. He goes by Shoelace, he's a hip hop artist here in Baton Rouge, and you can find at least a selection of his music here. He did a show this weekend that's got everybody talking. ^_^ I want his cd so bad. The primary song I'm reccing is "I Am Your Father," but all his stuff is fantastic.

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This is probably not funny to anyone who doesn't know my mom, but it's pretty damned funny to me. Maybe even up there with watching her watch Brother play GTA .

I just came downstairs to find Mom in the living room watching pro football. The Saints are playing.

Me: Is Jeremy playing? (Jeremy Shockey, to whom I am very distantly related)
Mom:  No, he's having hernia surgery. What a wimp! (perfectly serious)
Me: Mom!
Mom: Surgery like that is never urgent. You can put it off.
Me: If you want to rupture something! 
Mom: ...Okay, maybe.

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A while back, my mother decided to strip the tacky wallpaper out of our kitchen (it was installed in the mid 80s, and it showed - fushia and aquamarine were involved, and that should be all you need to know).  The actual stripping took quite a bit of time and effort, because the walls underneath had never even been primed, and the paper had sort of bonded to the drywall. 

As the paper was coming down a few inches at a time, we started to notice what a shoddy job the builders had done of evening out the walls. They were awful! And they had been spread with plaster compound in places to make them seem flat, but the plaster all fell down when we peeled the paper off it. It was a nightmare. 

Mom spent the last few days plastering the walls and smoothing them out. Then yesterday, she decided she'd done all she could do and it was time to start sanding it all down. She started doing it by hand and then went for the power sander. 

OMG I wish I had better pictures. I got home from work yesterday to find several inches of white dust coating EVERYTHING in the house, even the upstairs rooms which had been shut tight. It looked like it had snowed indoors, and my mom looked like she was wearing geisha paint. 

So, spent all day today vacuuming chandeliers and the like. >.< Not fun at all. The dust even got up into closed cupboards and curio cabinets. It was all in our glassware. My sister's laptop was buried. We vacuumed the dog. Twice. Had to take all the houseplants outside and wash them. There's a ficus in the living room we can't quite figure out how to deal with. My mother forgot to close her bedroom door - or her walk in closet. All her clothes need washing. 

I normally hate our old rainbow vacuum because I hate dealing with the disgusting sludge in the reservoir, but I don't know what we would have done without it today. We kept having to dump the water and refill, though, as it kept turning back into liquid plaster. A traditional bag vacuum would not have worked AT ALL. The house mostly looks normal now. Well, if we normally let it get really dusty.

ETA:  Went to type "wallpaper" in tags, in cause I have to update the saga (at this rate, I probably will). IE tried to guess what I was typing and fill in the blank for me, and it said "wallsex." I hope my mother has not been searching for wallpaper related info on this computer. Or that if she has, she won't trace that particular cookie back to me ^_^;)


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