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Rather unexpectedly, I have an entire week off. T went to camp (her parents didn't tell me she was going this week until last Friday), and my Wednesday afternoon client is going out of town for two weeks. I worked two full shifts this weekend, and I'll have two full shifts next weekend, but damn is my paycheck going to be hurting.

On the other hand, the free time is nice. I'm spending all day today at the university library (much greater freedom of usage than the public one) working on the Super Sekrit bonus fic, which I can't seem to finish because it just keeps growing. It's not even that long - it's just jam-packed with stuff and implications and history. It's kind of gotten epic. Seriously, this story spans comics from before A Lonely Place of Dying (1989 arc which introduced Tim as a character), right through Battle for the Cowl (which just concluded). The fic is due today, which is a damned shame, because I want to keep adding to it. There are six more parts in my head which want to go into the middle places, and I still haven't finished the absolutely necessary bit with Ariana because I hate her creepy, codependent guts.

I think, after I finish this story, (if I ever finish it) I will probably get cracking on the mega-posting scans series that's been living in my head since forever. I can't put it on scans_daily - or at least not the whole thing - because it will require panels from Young Justice, which is off-limits there due to creator request. The topic of this posting series? "Timmy is crazy," with supporting examples and arguement. I have folders of the stuff collected already, and now Red Robin is out - and I need to review that this week, too.

Okay, enough stalling, time to get back to work. Stupid creepy codependent clingy bimbo won't write herself!

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So, Brother and Sister BOTH graduated yesterday (Brother from high school and Sister from college). Several relatives came down to celebrate. I sat through a grand total of about 6 hours of ceremonies, plus an hour and a half reception, and then we all (except Brother, who had Stupid Obligations) went out to the camp for the weekend. I had to leave this afternoon and head to work, though, so I'm missing the big party.

Both of them graduated with honors, and two of Brother's best friends had to make speeches (one was Valedictorian, one Senior President). The three of them are all in a row, alphabetically, and Sister, looking at the program, remarked "Wow, there are some smart 'S's this year..." And then she and I made statistics jokes at each other for a while. 

I really ought to be working on a challenge fic right now, but I'm very, very tired and the words won't come out. I'm actually writing two stories for the How Tim Lost His Virginity challenge, one for my claim (Tim/Bernard) which is half done, and a sooper sekrit bonus fic, of which I have finished six parts of what will probably be 10-12. I am loving the bonus fic more than is probably healthy, so please believe me when I say that I have NEVER had so much fun writing anything. Ever. A teaser to its content can be found here.

On that note, I will now perpetuate a meme I saw in someone else's journal a few days ago (I forget who, now, or I'd credit). The following are snippits from both of my current WIPs, provided without context for your possibly enjoyment and probable confusion.

He had a brief, giddy moment of hope that Tim would loose the towel, but when he checked, the knot looked like it had been tied by a boyscout. A gay porn boyscout.


"Batman is not taking advantage of me," Tim assured him.

"So you 
are sleeping with-"

"No," Tim interrupted. "Hand me the T1 TORX driver."

ETA: Make that 8 of 15 parts. And counting. I should really, really be working on the other one.


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