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There was some discussion over in [ profile] a_trill's journal about there needing to be a male sidekick to a major female character. We couldn't think of any examples in canon, but I volunteered to make a list of fan works staring Tim as a sidekick to a woman, so here we go!

Tim as... )

If you think of any more, let me know? I swear there's another Black Canary one out there.
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Let's say, hypothetically, that I were embarking on a new project for the new year.

Let''s also say this hypothetical project might look something like this, but a bit...broader in scope.

So, keeping in mind that this is entirely hypothetical...

If someone were to put together a giant index (not a rec list) of DC fanfiction, what tags would be most helpful for helping you find stories you a) might like to read,  b) have read before and would like to read again?

Lets say this hypothetical list is already tagged by major characters, pairing or threesome, pairing type (m/f, f/f/f, gen etc), cliche/themes (sex pollen, genderswap, self/self, etc), and that I'm hoping to split it up by rating and length as well, probably with three categories of each (short, medium, long, and gen, mild, adult).

Any suggestions? And...any volunteers? This is going to take me a while. ^_^;


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