Jun. 7th, 2010

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I'm back! The weekend was rather less emotionally devastating than I was fearing - score one for the power of tiny children as distractions.

It rained a lot Saturday, so we didn't get to do as much boating  as we would have liked, but Friday night we had a ridiculous mini-rave in the living room and Saturday there was a game of Minute to Win It.

Got to catch up with the branch of the family who have oil foam in their yards right now. CNN interviewed one of my cousins (who runs a pushboat company), which I'd known about, but I'd somehow missed the fact that another cousin was interviewed on NPR despite HAVING HEARD THE INTERVIEW. I caught about half of it and thought "Wow, that really sounds like Peg-Leg Pete. Haha, everyone in Burris sounds the same." ^_^;;;

My cousin's name is not actually Pete, by the way, but that's how he refers to himself. Because of the peg leg. Oh god, family, how are you so ridiculous.


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