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I got off work early today and thought, "I want to do something other than go home and sit on my couch," so I called B.

B is busy. So I called Mom. Mom is busy. I've got P and M, but I see them every day and they won't want to do anything but sit around at home, anyway.

BGBFF and his BF live in Lafayette.

Goddamnit, I *tried* to be social.

So, here I am on the couch. This seems as good a time as any to talk about my new hobby.

Back when Granny was alive and fully healthy, maybe six years ago, she used to crochet afghans like mad. Always the same pattern, and she couldn't start them herself - mom would buy all the yarn for one, put it in a bag, start the first round, and then leave several bags like this in Granny's closet whenever we visited, so that Granny could keep occupied and make things for people, which she liked to do. At the time, I had mom teach me the two stitches I would need to do one of Granny's style afghans (basically a huge Granny Square that never stopped, appropriately enough), but that was as far as I went with it.

Recently, I saw this post on [ profile] geekcrafts  and it inspired me to pick the craft up again. As of right now, I have finished a hat and a scarf, and I have a few unfinished projects in the works (I am making Jayne Hats for several people with the colors of the local college football team, fancy scarves/shawls for mom, Sister, Brother's Girlfriend, and [ profile] faile_neume . I still haven't started the periodic afghan, but I suppose there's no reason not to do a square or two right now and see how I like them. I've found a yarn style I like a lot for non-garment purposes, and it comes in a bajillion colors... now I just need to decide which periods ought to be which colors. OH THE HORROR. DECISIONS. DECISIONS!

I am just going to make some blue ones or whatever and sort it out later XD.
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Title: A Delicate Operation
Staring: Bruce and Tim
Rating: PG-13ish?
Summary: If something goes wrong while you're deep undercover, extraction can be a tricky process.
Words: 1500
Notes: Because [ profile] batstalker was kind enough to let me and [ profile] kirax2  share her birthday fic with everyone on [ profile] pornday , I wrote her a little extra something for the actual day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB! I hope you like it!
Cut! )
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Title: Upping the Ante
Authors: [ profile] kirax2  and [ profile] iesika 
Characters/Pairing: Dick/Tim/Kon
Summary: When facing a challenge, Tim knows to plan ahead, ask for help if necessary, and take advantage of the element of surprise.
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Sex, Bondage, orgasm denial, use of superpowers for purposes for which they were not intended.
Words: 7,000
Notes: This is the sequel to the Dick/Tim fic Entrapment, written by [ profile] iesika  for [ profile] kirax2 . It is recommended you read that fic first, if you haven't already, though it is not, technically, required to understand this story (as this story is 99.9% pure pornography). It might help though.  This story is lovingly dedicated to [ profile] batstalker  on the event of the anniversary of her birth. She has graciously allowed us to share it with you early, in honor of [ profile] pornday .

Oh look, more porn )
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Title: Borrowed Pleasure
Character/Pairing: Dick/Tim
Summary: bor·row  v., 1. To obtain or receive (something) on loan with the promise or understanding of returning it or its equivalent. 2. To adopt or use as one's own
Rating: Adult
Warnings: underage, sniffing kink
Words: 2200
Notes: Sequel to Stolen Touch, at [ profile] munnin_odanin 's prompt, written for [ profile] pornday .

Porn behind the cut )
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[ profile] kirax2  and I just wrapped up some porn we'd been working on (still needs to be edited), and now I need to write something else for [ profile] pornday .

I need prompts. Ideas. Bunnies.

Where ever will I find them?


Sep. 12th, 2010 11:04 pm
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[info]dixid  has declared [info]pornday ! 

Well? What are you waiting for? 

It's Sunday, so we will be celebrating Pornday Observed, which means everyone has an extra 12 hours (for a total of 36) to get their Acts of Celebration in. But we've got to sing.
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My plan for yesterday was to a) sleep in, b) play Guild Wars (Sunspear and Lightbringer bonus points weekend! woo!), c) go to the grocery store, d) do some laundry e)  try and write a little.

This is what actually happened:

cut for length and RL details, though there's some discussion of porn in there. )

This is why I never make plans anymore XD.
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I am writing you a fic but I am awful and it's not done.
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I left the apartment for twenty minutes. When I got back, my roommate's dogs had gotten into my backpack, which was on a table, and eaten my rent.

They hadn't had time to finish it off - but a hundred dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill are missing from the sodden pile I found on the floor.


I don't even know how to *deal* with that. They are so lucky the worse thing I'll ever do to a dog is smack it on the nose. SO LUCKY.
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I'm using a bit of latin in a story - Bruce is teaching Dick his conjugation, in the scene, and...well, I took a lot of Latin, from middle school up until I graduated high school, but I haven't really used it in at least six years. I'm rusty. I only used one full sentence, but Dick's translation of it is a large part of the scene, and I'm really hoping for some independent corroboration...

If anyone reading this has any familiarity with Latin - I'd love to know if my construction is still readable. ^_^;
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Title: The Robin Wife
Characters: Bruce, Dick
Rating: This part G, overall adult, I think.
Summary: A lonely hermit's act of kindness earns him a devoted companion.
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo  (prompt: Fantasy and Supernatural, Author's Choice). I went with animal bride folktale. This story was very much inspired by listening to The Decemberists Crane Wife, though it doesn't  follow quite the same plot as the Japanese folktale that inspired those songs.)
Words: 4400

Story here )


Aug. 9th, 2010 10:40 pm
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Home again, home again... I made it back to my apartment around ten tonight and immediately got into my bed. Oh, bed. I only missed two things about home on that trip - my bed, and the dogs.

So...the biggest news is that I may very well be moving to California in about a year. THAT'S KIND OF EXCITING. I had the most marvelously amazing time, with [ profile] kirax2  and her family, and I was so sad to leave them ;_;. I met a whole bunch of fantastic people, and [ profile] kirax2 's daughter is the cutest thing alive except maybe for their kitten (and puppies - not their puppies - just puppies in general. Puppies are pretty cute).

My family and I explored the coast and got lost and nearly died twice, and I got within about ten feet of a mother deer and her baby, and we saw wild sea lions, and hiked Muir woods, and hiked the san andreas fault, and hiked San Francisco in general, and my legs and feet are very sore. ^_^;  I rode six different kinds of public transit in just two days. I learned the transit system pretty much memorized everything north of Mission and East of Gough, just so I wouldn't have to walk up any more damned hills. Downtown San Francisco is a very steep place. My hometown is concave. It was a bit of a shock to my calves. The best part, though, was my mom pulling out a map to try and figure out how to get to the Orpheum Theater last night, and I was able to say, "oh, no, we'll just take the Powell-Mason car to Market and then catch the F trolley! It stops right there on the corner of Hyde!" and my mom and sister just kind of blinked at me and let me lead them all around town. 

Also I managed to spend six days and five nights in proximity to my father and we only had one shouting match! That's like a record, I am pretty sure. I saw Wicked, and now I want femslash or ot3 fic, if anyone has any recs. The play contradicts the actual Oz books completely, but then, so do the movies, so I just sort of went with it. There were definitely moments where I went THAT'S NOT HOW THE TIN WOODSMAN GOT TINNIFIED and such, but I enjoyed it overall. That was last night.

The food was amazing. I ate so well, for the whole trip. The best part is, I only spent 92 dollars on transit, and then maybe fifty or sixty on other things, and two different people gave me 100 dollars each to spend while I was there - so I think I actually came out *ahead*, if you don't count the work I missed.

Which reminds me - back to work tomorrow. So I need to stop babbling and try to get back onto CST. Good thing I'm so exhausted. XD
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I'm dying a little of excitement, and also exhaustion from running around all week and being so excited 24/7. I will be waking up in seven and a half hours to go catch a flight to ACTUALLY MEET [ profile] kirax2  IN PERSON.

I am really, really tired, but I'm so worried about not getting any sleep that I'm afraid I'm not going to get any sleep.

I just...really really hope we click in person as well as we have for collaborations. I am going to be so ridiculously awkward, you guys. There will be a lot of nervous laughter and losing control over the volume of my voice. I am such a huge dork.

I am pretty sure the only thing left for me to do is finish downloading this audiobook and go to bed. Oh god.

I feel like I'm four and waiting for Santa.
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Doing a series index post so that I can link to it. Don't mind me. Nothing new here.

Tim and Steph Do The DCU
(straight enough for each other, gay enough for other people)

Learning By Doing
Author: [ profile] iesika
Characters: Steph, Tim
Rating: Adult
Summary: There's a first time for everything.
Words: 8,700

Title: R-Point Rendezvous
Author: [info]iesika
Characters: Cass, Steph, Tim
Rating: Adult
Summary: It’s supposed to be the universal male fantasy
Words: 6000

(there's a gap here where at least two stories will go.)

Title: One Good Turn
Author:[ profile] kirax2
Characters: Dick, Steph, Tim
Rating: Adult
Summary: He looked back up at Steph. "Are you really, really sure this is okay?"
Words: 5000

Title: Best Boyfriend Ever
Author: [info]iesika 
Characters: Steph, Kon, Tim
Rating: Adult
Summary: Hey, I said my boyfriend wouldn't be jealous. I never said he was altruistic.
Words: 5,300

Title: Relationship Plus One
Author: [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Characters/Pairings: Jason/Steph/Tim
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: Tim had let Steph back into his life and maybe his bed, so she was going to make it up to him by bringing someone to their bed she knew Tim wanted but wouldn't pursue on his own...
Words: 600
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Title: Next Best Thing
Characters: Tim, Kon, Dick, others
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim's friends throw him a birthday party.
Notes: It's a few days late, but...I wasn't going to write this until [ profile] batstalker reminded me Tim's birthday was earlier this week. I started this then, and then sat on it a few days. Art by [ profile] batstalker, intended as a bribe to make me finish XD.
Words: 1700

His eyebrows are mesmerizing aren't they? )
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I was trawling over at Know Your Meme and got involved in this nonsense. Gloria pointed out that it would be fun to do, here.

So, here's the game - A character alphabet picspam game. Whatever letter is next, you post a picture of a character with a name that starts with the next letter. 

Ready? I'll start! 
A is for

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Title: A Boy and His Dog
Characters: Tim, Kon (+ others)
Summary: “Man,” Dick says from his place on the floor. “He never let *me* have a dog.”
Warnings: Incredibly silly. Fairly tame.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4700
Summary: Totally for [ profile] batstalker , because she's awesome (also I was bribing her). And because she's awesome, look! Illustration!  (the story is actually based on the picture - and hours and hours of nonsense in chat)

more Kuppy art by batstalker

Tim's not even sure if he's housebroken. )
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Title: Subtext in Triptych
Characters: Cassie, Kon, Tim
Rating: pg-13
Words:  2400
Summary: Cassie, Tim, and Kon have it out, in various combination.
Note: For [ profile] kirax2 , because she’s awesome.

one, two, three )
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Finally got the first bit of Kira's birthday present out. HAPPY REALLY LATE BIRTHDAY BABY! 

Characters and rating are for this part only.

Title: The Case of the Ancient Cup (part one)
Characters: Clark, Bruce, Alfred, Jimmy
Rating: G
Summary: Being a Reprint from the Reminiscences of Clark J. Kent, late of the British Diplomatic Mission to Afghanistan
Notes: Written for: [ profile] kirax2 's birthday, and [ profile] au_bingo (prompt: detectives). Kira likes Bruce and Clark. Kira likes Sherlock Holmes. This was the logical result.

Part one here )


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