Sep. 22nd, 2010

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I got off work early today and thought, "I want to do something other than go home and sit on my couch," so I called B.

B is busy. So I called Mom. Mom is busy. I've got P and M, but I see them every day and they won't want to do anything but sit around at home, anyway.

BGBFF and his BF live in Lafayette.

Goddamnit, I *tried* to be social.

So, here I am on the couch. This seems as good a time as any to talk about my new hobby.

Back when Granny was alive and fully healthy, maybe six years ago, she used to crochet afghans like mad. Always the same pattern, and she couldn't start them herself - mom would buy all the yarn for one, put it in a bag, start the first round, and then leave several bags like this in Granny's closet whenever we visited, so that Granny could keep occupied and make things for people, which she liked to do. At the time, I had mom teach me the two stitches I would need to do one of Granny's style afghans (basically a huge Granny Square that never stopped, appropriately enough), but that was as far as I went with it.

Recently, I saw this post on [ profile] geekcrafts  and it inspired me to pick the craft up again. As of right now, I have finished a hat and a scarf, and I have a few unfinished projects in the works (I am making Jayne Hats for several people with the colors of the local college football team, fancy scarves/shawls for mom, Sister, Brother's Girlfriend, and [ profile] faile_neume . I still haven't started the periodic afghan, but I suppose there's no reason not to do a square or two right now and see how I like them. I've found a yarn style I like a lot for non-garment purposes, and it comes in a bajillion colors... now I just need to decide which periods ought to be which colors. OH THE HORROR. DECISIONS. DECISIONS!

I am just going to make some blue ones or whatever and sort it out later XD.


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