Mar. 3rd, 2010

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There is significant overlap between [ profile] kirax2 's flist and mine, but I just want to be sure that absolutely everyone on the internet sees this fic.

[ profile] kirax2  just posted the first chapter of a truely epic Tim/Kon, and it is *wonderful*. She told me about the concept (a Tim who grew up in Smallville rather than Gotham) and it thrilled and intrigued me so much that I bullied her until she actually agreed to write it. ^_^ From there, she's carried the idea into an EPIC PLOT that I honestly can't wait for more of. I've been beta-reading and cheerleading, and every day when I turn on my computer I log into googledocs right after I check my email and flist, to see if she's written any more for me to exclaim ecstatically over.

If you're afraid to start reading an AU multipart after the first chapter just went up (I don't blame you, and I am frequently of the same mind, because you never know if it's worth it Or how serious the author is), don't be. There's more written and much more planned and I will give you my personal assurance that if it EVER looks like [ profile] kirax2  is starting to slack off, I will tirelessly annoy her until she writes more, because I CANNOT OVER-STRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC.


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