Jan. 15th, 2010

iesika: (poor kon)
I just got the call that Macie is out of surgery and in the ICU. Everything went well and she may come home as soon as tomorrow.

I won't be able to see her for a while though -  she has to stay as near to immobile as possible for two months, which means she can't be allowed to get excited and she has to stay in her kennel 24/7, except for a few potty breaks. She's going to be so miserable. No one's going to be able come to the house, and she won't be allowed to do anything. She's going to think she's punished and we don't love her anymore. ;_;

The recovery is going to be worse than the surgery. What's worse the doc says there's a good chance of this eventually happening to her *other* leg, so she may have to go through all of this again. And she'll have physio once she starts to recover more fully - though I'm kind of looking forward to seeing her on the underwater treadmill. Dad's been joking she did all this just to get to play in the whirlpool.

Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy and best wishes. I really appreciate your concern. ^_^ 

ETA: This is what they did to her today:


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