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Jan. 14th, 2009 12:58 pm
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Things have been crazy lately. I'm starting training for a new job on Friday (as a PCA), and moving soon, too. I mentioned to M that I was looking to move, and she jumped up off the couch shouting because their rent went up and they were going to have to move from their nice 3-bedroom down into a 2...except I saved the day, and now I'll be living with my best friends instead of with the family I'm not getting on so well with right now.

A week ago, my parents were talking about throwing me out of the house on my ass, without giving me time to find a place to live. Now that I've handled things, to some extent, my mom is being very odd  and insisting I not move yet (wtf?). My dad, I know, wants me gone.

I feel like a bum for having lived with them for so long. Then I remind myself that I had a place and a job in Lafayette, until dad insisted I move back into the house, four years ago. He's pretty insistent now that I be gone, like, yesterday. I'm going to let him and mom hash it out between them, all the while bringing small loads of stuff over to P&M's to stash in the spare room (my room!), which I've been helping them clear out, over the last week. There's only the closet left to clear out, now, because M needs to get her closet straightened up before we can start shifting things. B came over Sunday from Lafayette and helped marshal the troops. I thought it was fun, but then, I'm the one who's going to be sleeping in the room and not the one being told she has to throw things away (M is an enormous pack-rat).

There are two dogs in the apartment, Zoe and Rosco (aka Bubba), both at least appearing to be Lab/Pit mixes, and both very sweet but rather mouthy (with a tendency to eat shoes), and rather skittish of strangers. I love them dearly, already, but I'm going to miss Macie.

On the plus side, I'll almost certainly be a lot more social, living with friends, than I have been while living with my parents. I mostly spend all my social time with P&M and B, anway, actually. M is a vegetarian, like me, so we're planning to work out a grocery sharing scheme of some sort. P is very picky and doesn't eat a lot of veggies, though I intend to be sneaky and trick him into eating a little better Neither of them cook, so I'm volunteering that service as part of the chore rotation. I'd be cooking for me, anyway - it's not any harder to cook for 3 than it is for 1, as long as you aren't left with the entire grocery bill. It will save a good bit of money, too, since I can make, for example, a 16-inch pizza for about 4 bucks, rather than P calling Papa John's for the tenth time in a month (cutting out the money he spends on donuts will probably save him thirty bucks or more a month - someone needs to teach the boy to budget).

(speaking of pizza, I'll be posting the BEST RECIPE EVER shortly... I was about to start typing it, but I just got a call from my new employer to come do some paperwork.)
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