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I talk about T a lot, and I'm not sure who, outside me closest internet friends, knows who she is. T's my primary client as a caregiver - a 15 year old girl with Downs Syndrome (and probably undiagnosed autism). She's a complete and total handful - she hasn't gotten a lot of the care, attention, therapy, and basic life skills training she should have, by this point in her life, and every day is like a crash course, trying to a) keep her from doing anything *too* socially unacceptable in public and b) catch her up. She still doesn't understand concepts like money (other than she can trade a dollar bill for an icee at the place we go sometimes), or the days of the week. 

I am going to miss her terribly when I move.

When I picked her up from school today, she and her teacher came out to the car, and she gave me a pair of earrings. They're very simple - red and blue glass beads on one of those pin set-ups you can buy at the craft store. She told me they were for me. Her teacher told me that they were supposed to make jewelry for their mothers today, but T kept insisting they were for me. And had been talking all day about how she was going to give them to me.

I thanked her and hugged her and took them out of the bag to look at them, and asked if she'd picked out the beads herself. She leaned over in the car, touched the red bead and said "Red!" and sat back looking pleased (red is her favorite color) and just as I was translating from T speak that she had in fact picked out the beads, she leaned back over, touched the blue bead, touched my arm, and said "Blue!" (The bead was just my favorite shade of blue.)

And then she was very confused because I started crying. I had to unbuckle to squeeze her properly XD. I'm going to miss her so much. And now I've got something she made me that I can keep. I've got pictures she's drawn and cards and things, Christmas ornaments we made together. She made these for me by herself, though, and picked the pieces out special and... I'm tearing up again. ;_;
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