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I got home from an overnight shift this morning and went to bed. A few hours later, I hear B in the living room (I didn't know she was in town), and we all wound up piled up in B's truck headed out for begniets. On the way, though, we saw the aftermath of a car accident. We were stopped at a red light, and the accident was around the corner, and of course there was rubbernecking - which is the reason why we saw the guy on the ground and the woman absolutely failing to perform CPR on him in anything like the correct manner. So I shout for B to pull over, and ended up jumping out in traffic and taking over CPR until the paramedics got there. When I arrived, the man was not breathing and had no discernible pulse. Shortly before the paramedics got there, he started breathing on his own, and his eyelids started fluttering.

And then the trained professionals took over, and I went and climbed back into B's truck, and we continued on our quest to get food. The begniet place turned out to be closed, so we went somewhere else in another part of town.

As far as I was concerned, it was all kind of a matter of fact thing...I could help, so I helped. Everyone else has been making a huge deal out of it. I've gotten called an angel and a superhero today, and Granny cried when she heard the story.  I'm telling the story again here because it's something interesting that happened today, not because I feel self-congratulatory. I stopped my car two weeks ago and saved the life of a stray dog. Yesterday I gave a different stray dog a flea bath because she showed up at the camp, and she had fleas. If someone needs help, and you can help, you help them, the end.

And this is turning into a post about the ethics of a moral atheist, but whatever. ^_^; The conversation I had with L this afternoon was the best part of the whole thing - he said "Oh, now you can get into heaven!" and I said "No, because good works aren't enough," and he promised to keep me company in hell when his upcoming stint in sub-saharan Africa doing social and medical work with the Peace Corp fails to balance the scales against his homosexuality and agnosticism. On a similarly hilarious note, Brother won two different religious awards when he graduated this week (from an Episcopalian school), and he's also agnostic. And at least one of the pastors responsible for deciding to give him one of the awards knows that, and gave it to him anyway, which makes him cool in my book.


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