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2011-03-26 02:18 pm
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Auction reminder

Just a reminder, for anyone interested, or anyone who maybe didn't see my post before.

I'm auctioning 10,000 words of DC fanfic for [ profile] help_japan . The bidding is currently up to $150

I'm thrilled and flattered XD. I didn't expect the bid to go so high! (I was kind of scared that no-one would bid at all, actually.)

The bidding closes on the 31st, just in case anyone's looking to challenge the current bid-holder...

*flails around a little*

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2011-03-19 06:30 pm
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help_japan auction (please, please pimp me!)

Quick, someone tell me I'm not insane.

I've been meaning to post to [ profile] help_japan, and didn't get around to it until just now. In a moment of bravado... I offered 10,000 words of DC fanfiction for auction.

My Auction

That's right, folks. I am offering 10,000 (up to 15,000!) words. I would much, much appreciate it if, if you're not personally interested in placing a bid, you help me get the word around to those you think might be.

User Name: [ profile] iesika
Email address:
AIM: jessieiesika
Gtalk: jessie.iesika

You can see things I've created at: My fic list.

I am offering: 10,000 words (This is a lot. It may take me a while ^_^;)

Fandoms (if appropriate): DC Comics (NOT movies, or animated, except Batman: Under the Red Hood)

Additional Info: Het, Slash, Femslash and/or Gen, I will pair pretty much anybody with anybody if I feel I am familiar enough with their characters. That includes anything from Morrison's Batman & Robin, because I'm not reading it ^_^;. Obscure characters/pairings okay. Porn highly encouraged (I won't do outright rape, slavery, blood or scat, or characters under 13)

What I know best: Batfamily, young DC (YJ, Titans, etc), JLI, Starman, Manhunter, Birds of Prey.

Starting Bid (in USD): $20

SPECIAL BONUS: If you donate through a matching partner (Crunchyroll, an employer, or other) I'll throw in 5,000 more words. This can be the same fic, or another, shorter one.
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2011-03-17 03:30 pm
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I don't even *wear* earrings!

I talk about T a lot, and I'm not sure who, outside me closest internet friends, knows who she is. T's my primary client as a caregiver - a 15 year old girl with Downs Syndrome (and probably undiagnosed autism). She's a complete and total handful - she hasn't gotten a lot of the care, attention, therapy, and basic life skills training she should have, by this point in her life, and every day is like a crash course, trying to a) keep her from doing anything *too* socially unacceptable in public and b) catch her up. She still doesn't understand concepts like money (other than she can trade a dollar bill for an icee at the place we go sometimes), or the days of the week. 

I am going to miss her terribly when I move.

When I picked her up from school today, she and her teacher came out to the car, and she gave me a pair of earrings. They're very simple - red and blue glass beads on one of those pin set-ups you can buy at the craft store. She told me they were for me. Her teacher told me that they were supposed to make jewelry for their mothers today, but T kept insisting they were for me. And had been talking all day about how she was going to give them to me.

I thanked her and hugged her and took them out of the bag to look at them, and asked if she'd picked out the beads herself. She leaned over in the car, touched the red bead and said "Red!" and sat back looking pleased (red is her favorite color) and just as I was translating from T speak that she had in fact picked out the beads, she leaned back over, touched the blue bead, touched my arm, and said "Blue!" (The bead was just my favorite shade of blue.)

And then she was very confused because I started crying. I had to unbuckle to squeeze her properly XD. I'm going to miss her so much. And now I've got something she made me that I can keep. I've got pictures she's drawn and cards and things, Christmas ornaments we made together. She made these for me by herself, though, and picked the pieces out special and... I'm tearing up again. ;_;
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2011-02-21 06:31 pm
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Big changes

I was chatting with someone last night and realized I hadn't made a post about this...

I'm moved into my new apartment (which is a total lemon. I've had to call maintenance over and over), but I'm already looking at another move... Across the country.

When I was out in California last year, visiting [ profile] kirax2 , I got a job offer in San Diego, which came with the offer of very reasonably priced living space. Just recently, I finally gave an official "yes". So, sometime this summer, probably at the end of June, I'm going to be packing up and moving all the way across the country, to a city I've visited twice, over a thousand miles from my family and the place I've lived me whole life.

I'm excited as all hell, and I keep having panic attacks and crazy mood swings (sorry,[ profile] faile_neume ) and this is the biggest thing I've ever done. I haven't told my family I took the job. I think I'm going to do it on Friday, and that's giving me a whole 'nother set of issues.

I want to keysmash forever. That's not very productive, though.

On the plus side, this means I'll be 1.3 miles from Comicon. Not that I have tickets or anything, because I'm afraid to spend a discretionary cent because this move is going to be expensive, and I'll be paying double rent for a few months, too.

I keep deleting keysmashes. My head is about to explode.
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2011-01-27 06:27 pm
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moving day!

Okay, so. I get my keys tomorrow and start moving the little things. Furniture help will be Saturday. After that, I have to unpack and put away and buy all the things I need to buy. So I'll be not around too much for the next few days. I'm only taking a short break right now because I've been loading my trunk with stuff and the last few boxes were HEAVY.

So, of course, I have an overwhelming urge to write.

...which will probably be gone next week, because that's how I apparently roll.

Godfuckingdamnit. I hate strenuous physical activity SO MUCH! (yes, I know, lazy. DISHES ARE HEAVY!)
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2010-12-31 03:29 pm
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Been a long time gone...

This is one of those semi-obligatory "I am still alive" posts. I've spent the last two months making gifts for the holidays during all my spare time, and, as soon as the party I got volunteered to co-host tonight is over, I have to start packing, because I'm moving from one apartment to another in less than a month. 

I'm having a bit of a slump, mood-wise. I think it's mostly stress, though there's family stuff going on I won't go into detail about here. It's subtle and passive aggressive and would take too long to try and explain. 

I'm taking a little break for a few minutes... I've been cooking and cleaning for two days, but I had to sit down for a minute, in the middle of scrubbing the bathroom, because my audiobook just finished and I had to transfer over the next one ASAP. Here, have a recommendation, via [ profile] neopeius , who turned me onto the series: David Brin's Uplift books are fantastically amazingly wonderful. Because you want to read a murder mystery set inside the sun, You really do. It's harder to explain the delicious cat-and-mouse hunt under the oceans of a poisonous world, in the second book - more like The Enemy Below had a baby with the Lord of the Flies, but with space battles and atavistic dolphins.

I'm also going to share a recipe because it is to die for.

Microwave fudge: 

3 cups chocolate chips (or, in the case of my second batch, half chocolate and half peanut butter baking chips.)
1 can condensed milk
1/4 c butter

Microwave on half power for 3 minutes. Stir. If it's not all melted, give it another minute and stir again. Pour into a greased or plastic-wrap lined 8x8 pan and let cool. Cut into squares. TA DA. Proceed to make yourself sick.  (Fudge for breakfast =/= good idea)
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2010-10-28 10:07 pm
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Fuck yeah I am awesome. I am so rad, I glow in the dark. Literally.

You can't really tell well from the picture... hopefully I will get some proper ones on Halloween itself (though I will have a different suit then) - but I am glowing in half a dozen places, my face is melted, I am covered in slime, and my suit says RADI-TEC WASTE REMOVAL (and the back is a huge radioactive warning symbol). Also, all my goop was black light reactive.

Anyway, I took 2nd place at our apartment complex's Halloween party, tonight (a wee bit bitter since the person who won 1st was dressed as a witch), and M got third for her "pirate booty", so between the two of us, we got $175 knocked off our rent for the month.

The suit is just painted coveralls, expertly modified with sharpie (everyone thought I'd bought it as was), and I was wearing clean booties, black rubber gloves, the melted face mask and respirator, and a ton of slime and paint. The slime was made out of borax and glue. There were glowsticks secreted all over my person.

It was motherfucking awesome.

But the coolest thing? My downstairs neighbor told me that for Halloween? He has an actual hazmat suit, and I am free to do whatever I like to it.
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2010-09-12 09:50 pm
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When you start, you never know where you'll end

My plan for yesterday was to a) sleep in, b) play Guild Wars (Sunspear and Lightbringer bonus points weekend! woo!), c) go to the grocery store, d) do some laundry e)  try and write a little.

This is what actually happened:

cut for length and RL details, though there's some discussion of porn in there. )

This is why I never make plans anymore XD.
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2010-08-25 02:46 pm
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I left the apartment for twenty minutes. When I got back, my roommate's dogs had gotten into my backpack, which was on a table, and eaten my rent.

They hadn't had time to finish it off - but a hundred dollar bill and a twenty dollar bill are missing from the sodden pile I found on the floor.


I don't even know how to *deal* with that. They are so lucky the worse thing I'll ever do to a dog is smack it on the nose. SO LUCKY.
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2010-08-09 10:40 pm
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Home again, home again... I made it back to my apartment around ten tonight and immediately got into my bed. Oh, bed. I only missed two things about home on that trip - my bed, and the dogs.

So...the biggest news is that I may very well be moving to California in about a year. THAT'S KIND OF EXCITING. I had the most marvelously amazing time, with [ profile] kirax2  and her family, and I was so sad to leave them ;_;. I met a whole bunch of fantastic people, and [ profile] kirax2 's daughter is the cutest thing alive except maybe for their kitten (and puppies - not their puppies - just puppies in general. Puppies are pretty cute).

My family and I explored the coast and got lost and nearly died twice, and I got within about ten feet of a mother deer and her baby, and we saw wild sea lions, and hiked Muir woods, and hiked the san andreas fault, and hiked San Francisco in general, and my legs and feet are very sore. ^_^;  I rode six different kinds of public transit in just two days. I learned the transit system pretty much memorized everything north of Mission and East of Gough, just so I wouldn't have to walk up any more damned hills. Downtown San Francisco is a very steep place. My hometown is concave. It was a bit of a shock to my calves. The best part, though, was my mom pulling out a map to try and figure out how to get to the Orpheum Theater last night, and I was able to say, "oh, no, we'll just take the Powell-Mason car to Market and then catch the F trolley! It stops right there on the corner of Hyde!" and my mom and sister just kind of blinked at me and let me lead them all around town. 

Also I managed to spend six days and five nights in proximity to my father and we only had one shouting match! That's like a record, I am pretty sure. I saw Wicked, and now I want femslash or ot3 fic, if anyone has any recs. The play contradicts the actual Oz books completely, but then, so do the movies, so I just sort of went with it. There were definitely moments where I went THAT'S NOT HOW THE TIN WOODSMAN GOT TINNIFIED and such, but I enjoyed it overall. That was last night.

The food was amazing. I ate so well, for the whole trip. The best part is, I only spent 92 dollars on transit, and then maybe fifty or sixty on other things, and two different people gave me 100 dollars each to spend while I was there - so I think I actually came out *ahead*, if you don't count the work I missed.

Which reminds me - back to work tomorrow. So I need to stop babbling and try to get back onto CST. Good thing I'm so exhausted. XD
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2010-06-07 07:29 am
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(no subject)

I'm back! The weekend was rather less emotionally devastating than I was fearing - score one for the power of tiny children as distractions.

It rained a lot Saturday, so we didn't get to do as much boating  as we would have liked, but Friday night we had a ridiculous mini-rave in the living room and Saturday there was a game of Minute to Win It.

Got to catch up with the branch of the family who have oil foam in their yards right now. CNN interviewed one of my cousins (who runs a pushboat company), which I'd known about, but I'd somehow missed the fact that another cousin was interviewed on NPR despite HAVING HEARD THE INTERVIEW. I caught about half of it and thought "Wow, that really sounds like Peg-Leg Pete. Haha, everyone in Burris sounds the same." ^_^;;;

My cousin's name is not actually Pete, by the way, but that's how he refers to himself. Because of the peg leg. Oh god, family, how are you so ridiculous.
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2010-06-04 08:08 am
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Weekend plans

Haven't posted, written, or been on chat much for the last week or two. I'm kind of brain dead at the moment, for whatever reason, and having a lot of trouble sleeping, besides.

Won't be around this weekend, because it's the family reunion we host every year. Normally I look forward to this *a lot*, as I adore my extended family and we always have lots of fun and great food and I get to tickle tiny people and sit around in rockers on the porch drinking tea and mojitos with my aunts and uncles and cousins.

This year, though... well. My grandmother passed away in March. I'm still pretty much devastated. She was probably my favorite person in the world, and definitely the last person I still expected to love me, unconditionally. Spending the weekend surrounded by her descendants without her holding court from a porch rocker is going to be really hard. What's worse, I anticipate people trying to talk to me about her, or possibly making speeches. I'm too raw for this. It's going to be like rubbing glass into a wound.

Well, that was kind of a downer. This was just supposed to be a post to explain my absence, not to dump all over my flist. Here's hoping I'm feeling more motivated to write, next week.
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2010-01-13 06:53 pm

State of the Jessie

I haven't updated since I posted the last bit of Kings, and a lot's happened. BGBFF came to town last Saturday and we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed it, but I hadn't read any Holmes since elementary or early middle school (I remember not liking it, probably because I was trying to read up in level a little too much) which is the only reason I didn't do my usual hatenewcanonhatehate movie thing. I know some people have loved the movie and other more hardcore Doyle fans have hated it, so I just want to say one thing in it's favor - It's gotten me interested in the books again. I'm on Baskervilles now, going more or less in order, and enjoying myself immensely. There may be a DC fusion in the planning stages.

Mom fell off a ladder on Thursday and broke her heel. Because she's mom, she was literally crawling around the house with a broken foot instead of asking for help (She did ask Macie to get her shoe when it fell off during the fall and landed under her (brand new) truck). Then she went to the doctor, finally, and discovered she had in fact broken something. She's wearing a boot now and chafing under the restriction of inactivity. The Siblings and I have been picking up the slack - Brother's done the shopping and I did all the cleaning this weekend and intend to bring her chili and homemade salsa verde tomorrow.

Macie blew her knee out early last week (the same one she's been having trouble with the ligament on, not the one that got nearly torn off by the alligator). She's been to the vet and she's going to have to have surgery, but the vet school won't take her for at least a month because they're backed up. She's limping horribly but, as always, does not seem to feel any pain. I swear she doesn't have pain nerves or something. Maybe if she were a little more sensitive, she wouldn't keep seriously injuring herself.

I'm currently working on another Kings installment, and something with Steph and Tim. And the fusion thing.  And replaying GTA:San Andreas. And, you know, working. A lot.

And...I've never done this before and I'm reluctant to do it now because he doesn't show up at all in Google so the minute I post this I will be the top response for anyone who searches for him, but I'm going to rec a piece of music by a local artist, because I know I have some Star Wars fans on my flist and because I adore everything I have heard by him. He goes by Shoelace, he's a hip hop artist here in Baton Rouge, and you can find at least a selection of his music here. He did a show this weekend that's got everybody talking. ^_^ I want his cd so bad. The primary song I'm reccing is "I Am Your Father," but all his stuff is fantastic.

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2009-12-04 06:39 pm
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Winter in Louisiana, everybody.


If you are warm enough at dawn for me to leave the house in flip-flops, you should not be SLEETING by the time I get off work.


You have been warned.

ETA: Why does no one ever listen to me. SNOW! WTF!

There was snow on my windshield, but I still had to turn on the AC because it was hot in my car. WUT. Also, no one here knows how to drive when there's ice on the roads, so I passed two major accidents on my way back into town this morning, and was stopped twice by deputies or police who wanted to warn me that there was ice on a bridge I was trying to cross, and actually *rerouted* away from a 100 foot long section of raised road by another cop, even when I tried to tell him "But I live *RIGHT THERE!* I'll drive really slow! I swear my tires are good!" I had to go a mile and a half out of my way, and use *service roads*. I am terrified of service roads.
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2009-05-17 09:00 pm

I had an adventure this morning

I got home from an overnight shift this morning and went to bed. A few hours later, I hear B in the living room (I didn't know she was in town), and we all wound up piled up in B's truck headed out for begniets. On the way, though, we saw the aftermath of a car accident. We were stopped at a red light, and the accident was around the corner, and of course there was rubbernecking - which is the reason why we saw the guy on the ground and the woman absolutely failing to perform CPR on him in anything like the correct manner. So I shout for B to pull over, and ended up jumping out in traffic and taking over CPR until the paramedics got there. When I arrived, the man was not breathing and had no discernible pulse. Shortly before the paramedics got there, he started breathing on his own, and his eyelids started fluttering.

And then the trained professionals took over, and I went and climbed back into B's truck, and we continued on our quest to get food. The begniet place turned out to be closed, so we went somewhere else in another part of town.

As far as I was concerned, it was all kind of a matter of fact thing...I could help, so I helped. Everyone else has been making a huge deal out of it. I've gotten called an angel and a superhero today, and Granny cried when she heard the story.  I'm telling the story again here because it's something interesting that happened today, not because I feel self-congratulatory. I stopped my car two weeks ago and saved the life of a stray dog. Yesterday I gave a different stray dog a flea bath because she showed up at the camp, and she had fleas. If someone needs help, and you can help, you help them, the end.

And this is turning into a post about the ethics of a moral atheist, but whatever. ^_^; The conversation I had with L this afternoon was the best part of the whole thing - he said "Oh, now you can get into heaven!" and I said "No, because good works aren't enough," and he promised to keep me company in hell when his upcoming stint in sub-saharan Africa doing social and medical work with the Peace Corp fails to balance the scales against his homosexuality and agnosticism. On a similarly hilarious note, Brother won two different religious awards when he graduated this week (from an Episcopalian school), and he's also agnostic. And at least one of the pastors responsible for deciding to give him one of the awards knows that, and gave it to him anyway, which makes him cool in my book.
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2009-05-16 09:48 pm
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So, Brother and Sister BOTH graduated yesterday (Brother from high school and Sister from college). Several relatives came down to celebrate. I sat through a grand total of about 6 hours of ceremonies, plus an hour and a half reception, and then we all (except Brother, who had Stupid Obligations) went out to the camp for the weekend. I had to leave this afternoon and head to work, though, so I'm missing the big party.

Both of them graduated with honors, and two of Brother's best friends had to make speeches (one was Valedictorian, one Senior President). The three of them are all in a row, alphabetically, and Sister, looking at the program, remarked "Wow, there are some smart 'S's this year..." And then she and I made statistics jokes at each other for a while. 

I really ought to be working on a challenge fic right now, but I'm very, very tired and the words won't come out. I'm actually writing two stories for the How Tim Lost His Virginity challenge, one for my claim (Tim/Bernard) which is half done, and a sooper sekrit bonus fic, of which I have finished six parts of what will probably be 10-12. I am loving the bonus fic more than is probably healthy, so please believe me when I say that I have NEVER had so much fun writing anything. Ever. A teaser to its content can be found here.

On that note, I will now perpetuate a meme I saw in someone else's journal a few days ago (I forget who, now, or I'd credit). The following are snippits from both of my current WIPs, provided without context for your possibly enjoyment and probable confusion.

He had a brief, giddy moment of hope that Tim would loose the towel, but when he checked, the knot looked like it had been tied by a boyscout. A gay porn boyscout.


"Batman is not taking advantage of me," Tim assured him.

"So you 
are sleeping with-"

"No," Tim interrupted. "Hand me the T1 TORX driver."

ETA: Make that 8 of 15 parts. And counting. I should really, really be working on the other one.
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2009-02-27 01:39 pm
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Away for a spell

I've been absent from the internet for a while and will continue to be mostly absent for a while longer. I'm successfully moved into P & M 's apartment, but I don't currently have a working computer (I had been using my mother's). Tax return is in, and I'm working lots of extra shifts, so I'm hoping to have one in a reasonable span of time.

Speaking of work, it's going very well. My primary client is a 13 year old girl with Downs, who is as sweet as can be (when she's not being a 13 year old holy terror, of course), and who will here henceforth be called T. I enjoy working with her and get along well with her family. As a bonus, I'm getting waaaaay more exercise than I have since Macie was a puppy. I'm at the library down the street from her school right now, waiting for it to be time to pick her up.

Saw B last night for the first time in a few weeks - she's been visiting her parents, who are currently living in Singapore. She brought me nifty things, and was all around a wonderful houseguest as usual (and didn't even bitch about P and I waking her up at ridiculous o'clock when we left for work). B had her dog with her, and he was very well behaved, which is wonderful because he bit P recently and B was afraid she might have to put him down. He gets along surprisingly well with the pups (Rosco and Zoey, P & M's two large lab-mixes, who are extremely skittish and territorial and have a few behavioral issues of their own, despite being the sweetest things when they aren't confronted by strangers. They like T, though, which is also good).

What else, what else.... Oh, I saw Coraline last week and loved it. T loved it too, which was a relief, because I was kind of worried she might get scared and want to leave. But no, Coraline thrilled and delighted her all the way through, and it was Hotel For Dogs that frightened her and made us flee the theater. Go figure.

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2009-01-21 03:21 pm
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Making out with JFK

Okay, it was actually a CPR training dummy that just looked creepily like JFK, but whatever.

I don't think I've announced it here - I have a new job, with Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services, which is a not-for-profit here in Baton Rouge which provides all kinds of social services. I'm going to be working with young women with downs syndrome, or on the higher-function end of the autism spectrum. I'm about a week into my training, and so far? GCTFS seems like the BEST WORKPLACE EVER. Everyone is extremely sweet and friendly, and very civicly concerned and active (there are all sorts of charity "teams" within the organization for charity walk/runs and and volunteer weekends, etc). I think I'm going to like it a lot.
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2009-01-14 12:58 pm
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Big update

Things have been crazy lately. I'm starting training for a new job on Friday (as a PCA), and moving soon, too. I mentioned to M that I was looking to move, and she jumped up off the couch shouting because their rent went up and they were going to have to move from their nice 3-bedroom down into a 2...except I saved the day, and now I'll be living with my best friends instead of with the family I'm not getting on so well with right now.

A week ago, my parents were talking about throwing me out of the house on my ass, without giving me time to find a place to live. Now that I've handled things, to some extent, my mom is being very odd  and insisting I not move yet (wtf?). My dad, I know, wants me gone.

I feel like a bum for having lived with them for so long. Then I remind myself that I had a place and a job in Lafayette, until dad insisted I move back into the house, four years ago. He's pretty insistent now that I be gone, like, yesterday. I'm going to let him and mom hash it out between them, all the while bringing small loads of stuff over to P&M's to stash in the spare room (my room!), which I've been helping them clear out, over the last week. There's only the closet left to clear out, now, because M needs to get her closet straightened up before we can start shifting things. B came over Sunday from Lafayette and helped marshal the troops. I thought it was fun, but then, I'm the one who's going to be sleeping in the room and not the one being told she has to throw things away (M is an enormous pack-rat).

There are two dogs in the apartment, Zoe and Rosco (aka Bubba), both at least appearing to be Lab/Pit mixes, and both very sweet but rather mouthy (with a tendency to eat shoes), and rather skittish of strangers. I love them dearly, already, but I'm going to miss Macie.

On the plus side, I'll almost certainly be a lot more social, living with friends, than I have been while living with my parents. I mostly spend all my social time with P&M and B, anway, actually. M is a vegetarian, like me, so we're planning to work out a grocery sharing scheme of some sort. P is very picky and doesn't eat a lot of veggies, though I intend to be sneaky and trick him into eating a little better Neither of them cook, so I'm volunteering that service as part of the chore rotation. I'd be cooking for me, anyway - it's not any harder to cook for 3 than it is for 1, as long as you aren't left with the entire grocery bill. It will save a good bit of money, too, since I can make, for example, a 16-inch pizza for about 4 bucks, rather than P calling Papa John's for the tenth time in a month (cutting out the money he spends on donuts will probably save him thirty bucks or more a month - someone needs to teach the boy to budget).

(speaking of pizza, I'll be posting the BEST RECIPE EVER shortly... I was about to start typing it, but I just got a call from my new employer to come do some paperwork.)
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2008-10-22 07:06 pm
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weather change, cold, and delicious soup

The weather finally broke this week, meaning it's still very warm during the day, but it gets cold (read: 65°F) at night. This would be a much celebrated event, except every year the weather change knocks me flat with a sinus infection. This year is no exception. At least it didn't happen during Hell Week.

I've been eating a lot of miso soup (with tons of green onions), and drinking tea with lemon and honey, and just now I made Carrot Orange Ginger Soup. It's delicious, sinus clearing (as only a hot liquid with tons of fresh shredded ginger in it can be) and probably the prettiest soup I've ever seen (it's bright orange - way orangier than the photo with the recipe - and I put a little swirl of cream on top when I dished up my bowl, which, through the wonders of Brownian motion, turned into a smiley face). I wish I'd taken a picture.


The World's Prettiest Soup!

No smile, but still pretty.