Date: 2010-03-08 05:01 am (UTC)
Oh, god. Bruce/Tim is so my guilty pleasure and this made me melt, in several different ways:

First, " He is still getting used to being touched on a regular basis"

The idea that Tim wasn't touched, wasn't hugged enough as a child still gets me every time. I wouldn't call myself an overly emotional person, but If I were to be, I imagine this would get me to choke up. Poor, lonely, Timmy.

And then there is this... image you created, of Robin. Sitting. On. Bruce's. Lap. Nnngghh. Sweet Jesus. I'm dying from this image; Tim's awkwardly trying to sit still, confused as all hell, trying to hide the fact that he's a touch turned on. And Bruce, shifting and moving, trying to provoke a reaction from Tim.

Seriously. Guh!

And then Bruce starts in on the whole, "Robin" talk, in sexy, gruff Batman voice! Doesn't he realize Tim's probably been having this fantasy since he was 4!?

I loved this so much. So so so much. Please continue to enable my inappropriate love for Bruce/Tim slash. Please?
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