Mar. 9th, 2010

The End

Mar. 9th, 2010 02:02 am
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Closing ceremonies are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

What a bender to come off of. Whose idea was this manic 36 hour porn marathon, anyway?

Oh yeah.

*falls over and snores*
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First, the final list:

By [ profile] kirax2, Declarer of this Pornday:
Unripe (Dick/Kon/Tim)
Green Panties (Steph/Tim)
Stripped (Dick/Tim), cowritten by [ profile] iesika

By [ profile] iesika, host of the celebrations
Entrapment (Dick/Tim)
Thaw (Bruce/Tim)
Stripped (Dick/Tim), cowritten by [ profile] kirax2

By [ profile] batstalker, Zamboni Driver
Little Kit Gloves(Dick/Tim)
Of Passion and Pancakes, (Bruce/Tim)

By [ profile] munnin_odanin
Drink, Drank, Drunk (Tony/Tim, Marvel/DC crossover)

By [ profile] zenithjolt
untitled comment porn

Wow, that's a lot of porn. 23,000 words of it, in fact!

And now, a collection of the rules codified during this Pornday, for future ease of reference.

1. Anyone may declare Pornday – but the Declarer must be prepared to contribute at least two pieces of porn to the festivities.
2. Pornday can be declared no sooner than 28 days from the closing of the last Pornday. This is so no one's ovaries explode.
3. The duration of Pornday shall be 24 hours, unless Pornday falls on a Sunday, in which case we celebrate Pornday Observed, and the celebrations are extended an additional 12 hours for a total of 36 hours of mind-melting porn writing mania. And we have to sing.
4. The Zamboni driver is allowed an honorary final submission in return for cleaning up the rather disgusting porn-related messes, provided that they manage to do so before closing ceremonies. Anyone can be the Zamboni driver, but there can be only one.

Notable Events:

In addition to the acts of celebration listed above, there were several other notable events which took place during this Pornday. There was singing, lead by [ profile] zenithjolt, and an accident at the Winter Olympic games (the setting of [ profile] munnin_odanin's Skate Fan, which wasn't quite porn but is an honorary Act of Celebration because it was both really good and had Dick in a sparkly leotard.) which resulted in the collision of the entire Speedster Skating team in a disaster which snowballed out of all proportion, all because Impulse couldn't take the corners (Dick was the only one to avoid the cataclysm by the clever and timely use of a flying triple lutz. With sparkles). And [ profile] iesika wrote a few pieces of Nonporn for people who couldn't participate.

I think that's it. If you posted any porn during the period of 12:00pm March 7, 2010 through 12:00 am March 9, 2010, let me know and I'll add it to the list.


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