Feb. 27th, 2009

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I've been absent from the internet for a while and will continue to be mostly absent for a while longer. I'm successfully moved into P & M 's apartment, but I don't currently have a working computer (I had been using my mother's). Tax return is in, and I'm working lots of extra shifts, so I'm hoping to have one in a reasonable span of time.

Speaking of work, it's going very well. My primary client is a 13 year old girl with Downs, who is as sweet as can be (when she's not being a 13 year old holy terror, of course), and who will here henceforth be called T. I enjoy working with her and get along well with her family. As a bonus, I'm getting waaaaay more exercise than I have since Macie was a puppy. I'm at the library down the street from her school right now, waiting for it to be time to pick her up.

Saw B last night for the first time in a few weeks - she's been visiting her parents, who are currently living in Singapore. She brought me nifty things, and was all around a wonderful houseguest as usual (and didn't even bitch about P and I waking her up at ridiculous o'clock when we left for work). B had her dog with her, and he was very well behaved, which is wonderful because he bit P recently and B was afraid she might have to put him down. He gets along surprisingly well with the pups (Rosco and Zoey, P & M's two large lab-mixes, who are extremely skittish and territorial and have a few behavioral issues of their own, despite being the sweetest things when they aren't confronted by strangers. They like T, though, which is also good).

What else, what else.... Oh, I saw Coraline last week and loved it. T loved it too, which was a relief, because I was kind of worried she might get scared and want to leave. But no, Coraline thrilled and delighted her all the way through, and it was Hotel For Dogs that frightened her and made us flee the theater. Go figure.


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