Sep. 7th, 2008

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Granted, I haven't been sitting in front of this computer for very long. I've only spent about 15 minutes looking at the major national news sites. But what the hell? "New Orleans Dodged a Bullet" and now everything's okay? Fuck New Orleans, they got off easy this time. The storm didn't hit New Orleans, it hit US and nobody CARES! I'm furious. I really am.

Gustav didn't flood Baton Rouge like Katrina did New Orleans. Gustav didn't provide enough pictures of people on rooftops and dramatic flood scenes. It was still the WORST STORM ever to hit my city, and no one cares. Food is only now becoming available. Some of the roads have been cleared. Hardly anyone has power. Our infrastructure looks like this. (I don't have a way to get my pictures out yet, and the pictures I've taken are just from my neighborhood. These photos are not mine). This, taken from the website of my power company, shows what they're dealing with in the aftermath, here.

We ran out of oxygen in the hospitals. One our hospitals had to be completely evacuated when the roof collapsed. We're under a strictly enforced curfew. I'm tired and exhausted (and my entire family was very nearly killed Monday afternoon), but that's nothing on the people hit worse than me. And Ike is headed right for us.

I'm just disgusted. And angry. Fuck you, news industry. Fuck you.


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